Should assisted suicide be an option for lifers?

Asked by: Demo_User
  • It definitely should

    I someone is in so much pain and cannot stand living, for whatever reason, they should be able to act upon their right to die as a human being. It would be incredibly selfish of people to make people hold on and suffer so people can feel better. That would be absolutely morally wrong on many levels. Everyone has their rights, even if it is the right to death.

  • Saves taxpayers money

    I'm anti-death penalty because the person might turn out to be innocent. However if the inmate wants to commit suicide then they are volunteering so that's different. And allowing it will save tax payers money. They should have to be examined by a psychiatrist to certify that their decision to commit suicide is rational, and indeed under the circumstances it could be. What's the point of spending the rest of your life in jail.

    A means of death that preserves organs should be used or at least available in case the inmate wants to donate his organs.

  • Sadly, yes it should be but legally it isnt their choice

    People who are in jail for life have commited a great crime against society and have been stripped of their rights. But no one has the "right" to commit suicide. Why should a prisoner have a right that normal people dont you ask? Honestly because it gets them out of our hair. I mean as long as it is a simple process (in reguards to the courts and legal stuff) and reletivly cheap. I dont see a problem with it

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