• Atheism is misguided and Corrupt

    Those who disbelieve in God are what I call 'clouded minds'. You don't realise you are one until you are freed from corruption. I know from experience. I was once a disbeliever and then came to realise that people are not educated on who God actually is and how religion and science can coexist.

  • Atheists are sinners

    Atheists are sinning against God. Jesus said that "whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven" and atheists are violating this.

    America is a Christian nation and atheists should respect that. It was founded on Christian principles and you have freedom of religion but not freedom to have no religion. Read the Bible! Repent atheists!

  • Atheism is wrong...

    Atheism should be banned in the United States because it is very wrong, although I am not that religious, I do agree that it should be illegal. I seriously think these atheists should read the Bible! I hate it when some kids these days say that they are atheist, it is absolutely WRONG.

  • Atheists are sinners

    Atheists are sinners. In the Bible Jesus said that "whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven." Matthew 10:33

    Clearly they are sinning. America is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles and they should respect that. The Constitution gives you freedom of religion but not freedom to have no religion. Read the Bible and repent

  • Religion and atheism should be illegal!

    Atheists think religion is bad, and it is. But you don't have to be religious to believe in Creator. I'm not religious, but i'm not an atheist. One of my friends came forward and told me he was an atheist. I asked him why he was an atheist and he said, "I prayed to God for help, but he never helped me." That's no reason to disbelieve in Creator. Do you atheists seriously think he will help you with everything. Creator put you on earth to fix your mistakes. He won't solve the problems you caused. And stop blaming him for taking away people you care about. It's not his fault you failed or lost someone.

  • God Teaches- Atheism Doesn't.

    For those saying "ooh, you can't ban other people's beliefs!", Atheism is not a "belief", it is a denial of God and His existence. God created life on Earth- it couldn't have happened by "chance". Don't forget what God teaches, too- he teaches people how to be good and kind, and to give, and share. Atheism doesn't teach ANYTHING AT ALL, but to deny your creator. Have your say, you may not agree, but some might. As God teaches, everyone is different.

  • Atheism is bullshit

    Atheism believes that the entire universe, its galaxies and planets simply came by chance and that there is no God or anything. Oooh, religion has no evidence to back things up, but know this: Something cannot be created out of nothing. If we all came here by chance, then what is the point of living? Hence, it is God who created us. Even then, atheists should not be forced into religion. It is something they need to find out for themselves. Atheism was never about science. It was simply about denying God's existence and throwing everything happening in the universe onto chance and luck. Moreover, how can one be an atheist if he ever uses God's name in vain? Nowadays atheists are worshipping figures like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett. If people stopped believing in God, we can expect turmoil, corruption, undermining of the social order and total anarchy.

    Freedom of religion? It does not mention anything about atheism, merely changing from one religion to another. Our current Declaration of Human Rights is as corrupt as anyone can guess.

  • Atheism is supported by the Constitution...

    Religious affiliation DOES NOT guarantee That a person has or aspires to the teachings of that affiliation. Non affiliation does not guarantee that a person would NOT have those attributes of affiliated persons, it only states that THEY DO NOT CHOOSE TO BE AFFILIATED., because they don't believe in God. They are still the same moral, well developed, intellectual , ethical persons they always were, period.

  • Atheism is not good

    Atheist morals are subjective and are thus dangerous. The rate of progress that society is subject to is dependent on the morals that it has instilled. I am opposed to progress beyond a certain point and atheism has progressiveness installed into it. Thus I think that it's a bad thing. And it would be better if it were banned

  • NO ,, They must have freedom

    Atheism never touched you,, so dont touch them,, I know it's Illegal in the law of your God ,, All of us have different beliefs,, so let them believe what they believe,, and believe what you believe,, just dont touch them,, they didnt touch you in the first place,, give them freedom ,, Dont discriminate them!!

  • I am not an athiest but...

    It is a constitutional amendmant to have freedom of being religious of whatever you want, partially religious of whatever you want, or stay away from religion entirely.Not only that but also to speak your mind of whatever political topic you want without fear of punishment. (Except democrats.They honor freedom of speech so long as you completely agree with them) and now let the liber haters fill my inbox with messages telling me im a fat racist bigot who simply LOVES nazis

  • Seriously?

    No way. You can’t legislate a belief system. That’s like saying you’re going to make it illegal to like the color red. Even if it was illegal, there’s no way you could enforce it. People are going to think what they think and believe what they believe regardless of what the law tells them.

  • The freedom to be REQUIRES the freedom to not be.

    Otherwise, it is not a freedom to be, it is a coercion to be. All one needs to do here is fill in the blank of "to be" with "to be religious". Ideas either fly or fall on their own right, and prohibiting competing ideas to *theism will not make that particular *theism any more valid; it will only make that society that much more fascist.

  • Should We Throw Out the Constitution?

    If you think we should toss the United States Constitution into the nearest garbage pail, then perhaps you might agree that atheism should be illegal. The Constitution explicitly states that religion should have no hand in government, and government should have no hand in religion. If you want to look outside of the United States, we can also think about this as a moral question. Is it moral to outlaw a religious belief? In no way does a person not believing in god outwardly impact the rest of the public. It is not harmful. Since this is so, it would be morally wrong to impose another’s beliefs onto an atheist.

  • There Is No Law Requiring Adherence To Religeon

    Atheism is illeagal in some parts of the world and is usually punishable by a gruesome death. In the United States there is no requirement to believe in a creator, supreme being, or god. However, many people in the United States hold such a belief dear and is a core part of their lives.

  • No

    Every one has the right to believe in what they want. I am not atheist nor do I believe that it is right but I do not think that means we can make it illegal. I am a Christian, I would not want someone making it illegal to be a Christian.

  • Why Should I Have To Believe?

    You can't ban a belief, even if you think it's wrong. I can't ban religion any more than I can ban a four-year old believing in dragons, or anymore than you can ban atheism. And what is the basis for banning atheism? Does atheism turn somebody into a murderer? No. Are all atheists paedophiles or thieves? No. It's probably about the same percentage as religious people who are those things.

  • Everyone here needs to read a book thats not the Bible. #logicforfirstgraders

    If all atheists left the US, it would lose 93% of the National Academy of Science, but less than 1% of the prison population. I agree that people can believe what they want to believe, so there is absolutely no reason atheism should be outlawed. God is easy to believe, he gives you a reason for everything, whether good or bad. I honestly wished I believed in God so my life could be easier and so everything had a reason, but no. Atheism is technically a religion and belief, and we have the right to freedom of religion.

  • Religious people can survive with a few atheists

    It's a given right to believe in a god or not. So making atheism illegal violates the first amendment. How would Jews, or Christians feel if all religions were banned? They'd come up in arms to protest. But of course they're totally fine with atheism being banned. Such hypocrisy! Not to mention, it's the most logical thing I've believed in as a former Christian

  • This is absurd

    Make it illegal to not believe what you believe? Shall we force everyone to believe in whatever deity the region decides is right? Atheism is illegal and punishable by death already in Iran, Saudia Arabia, Somalia, Afghanistan, and several other places, and I don't think these are countries we should be looking to emulate any time soon in terms of their human rights and freedom of thought.

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