Should athletes who have taken performance-enhancing drugs be admitted into the Hall of Fame?

  • They should be allowed in the Hall of Fame.

    Not every player that used drugs used them their entire career. Arod was looked at as one of the top players in baseball before he took steroids. He had already put in the work needed to be a great player and one of the best talents in the history of the game should not be left out of the Hall of Fame for bad choices.

  • They do deserve to be put in there.

    Look at the Boss and Alex Rodriguez and what they did. Both were caught and both were suspended. When they returned they were even better. Don't look at what happened while taking drugs but lets look at what they did before. The Boss was known as the best linebacker in college during his time in college. Had more tackles than some players combined just in one game. Rodriguez was hated because he was an outstanding player. Everyone loved him until he did steroids and then they just turned on him. Now you ask yourself why they were amazed and excited everytime he stepped to the plate or made a play at third before doing steroids. So instead of talking about all the bad athletes do and say our kids are looking up to them, how about we quit putting it all over the web where in today's world everyone knows about it and we quit talking about it around our kids. Talk about the good stuff they did.

  • They didnt work hard for nothing.

    Yes because they did not work hard for nothing. They are adults already they can do what they want. Yeah you guys say your kids look up to some of them but they just cant see the bad side of them and the drugs they do. Kids should see there parents as role modelz. I am only a junior and my sister looks up to me but i tell her what the drugs can do to you so she does not end up like me but she looks up to me.

  • Some have earned it!

    Basically, most of the atheletes who have used P.E.D have been chewed up and spat out even by there own city that they play for. Now, dont get me wrong, it is very wrong to take drugs to make you better at a sport. But lets remember what hard work it took to get them where they are. Therefor, they should be aloud in the hall!

  • No because that is cheating

    If they get by with that then they will just do it again.They will never learn so they will ruin there life's by doing that.Plus it won't be a real reward because it wasn't them it was the drug.So if they don't do it right the first time then it won't fill right.

  • PED Users In the Hall of Fame

    PED users should be allowed into the Hall of Fame under limited circumstances. Some individuals are worthy of the Hall, even with their PED use taken into consideration. However, these athletes deserve a little extra scrutiny to determine whether PED use made them a marginal Hall of Famer or whether they belonged even without the PED usage.

  • Bar the drug abusers.

    I think that we should try to maintain the integrity that is intrinsically part of playing professional sports. I think that all drug abusers should be barred from the Hall of Fame, no questions asked. We should at least maintain a veneer of integrity about the hall of our sport heroes.

  • They Are Cheaters

    I do not believe athletes who have taken performance-enhancing drugs should be admitted into the Hall of Fame. Leagues deny the use of performance-enhancing drugs and when athletes defy these rules, they are breaking them and cheating. Cheaters should not be rewarded. There talents were the by-product of cheating and there is no reason for them to be in the Hall of Fame.

  • Performance-enhancers Should Not Be in the Hall of Fame

    No, athletes who have taken performance-enhancing drugs should not be admitted in to Halls of Fame. Athletes who have taken such drugs have effectively cheated and robbed themselves and their fans of the glory and respect that earning such under normal rules would have entailed. Thus, they should not be allowed in to Halls of Fame.

  • If you take drugs, you should not be allowed.

    If you have taken performance enhancing drugs, you technically cheated and you technically should not be allowed to be admitted into the hall of fame. Only athletes who have not cheated their way in should be allowed to be rewarded. If you take drugs to be better you are ruining the chances for true athletes.

  • No, athletes who take drugs are cheating and being unfair.

    If an athlete has taken performance enhancing drugs, they are giving themselves an unfair advantage over those who only use their natural talents. Cheating like this should not be awarded with entrance into the Hall of Fame. We should focus on those whose natural ability is spectacular, not those who simply chose to take drugs.

  • First of all, taking performance-enhancing drugs is destroying the integrity of baseball.

    First of all, taking performance-enhancing drugs is destroying the integrity of the game. The baseball Hall of Fame is filled with players who represent the meaning of integrity, by sending greats to the Hall of Fame who have taken performance-enhancing drugs is destroying the integrity of baseball. A player of Integrity means they are honest, respectful, compassionate, a leader, greats who took performance-enhancing drugs did not show any of these qualities so therefor they are not a baseball player who represented the integrity you need to have to be admitted into the hall of fame.

  • They are cheaters

    People who took drugs are just cheaters. They take away from others who didn't,. Thats what I think. So yea. I like pie. I like pie. I like pie. I like pie. I like pie. I like pie. I like pie. I like pie. I like pie. I like pie.I like pie.

  • It is illigal

    Well first of all, its cheating and its not natural so why should they be able to do it? And if its illigal they should be put in jail instead of the hall of fame. Also its unfair to other players who dont use the drugs because they have to do it natually

  • It aint showing the example to your kids

    Athletes are a big thing for kids. If they think that being dope his nice and we they are going to be on the track of their hero they are going to get dope. And at that point sports his gonna suck bad. . . . . . , .

  • ITs not right

    People who give forth the effort to be good and not use drugs should be admitted into the hall of fame. If you give someone who has been using them for sometime in their career but the drug just became illegal than thats a different story. Then they should be able to be in the hall of fame as long as they don't continue to use them

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