Should "Attack Helicopter" be a viable option as a gender choice for websites?

Asked by: SanFranForta
  • It's 2017 come on people.

    Attack helicopters still don't have save spaces, or attack helicopter exclusive restrooms. We don't identify as human, so transgender or cisgender human restrooms make us uncomfortable. With thus new administration adding 54 billion more dollars to military budgets, it's a shame not a cent is being spent to aid aerovehicular rights.

  • What do you mean?

    This is very important for me as I personally identify as an Attack Helicopter. I don't understand why this is even a question as of course, attack helicopter is a viable gender. The fact that this even needs to be raised shows how copterphobic we are as a nation and how much further we have to go to ensure equality for ALL genders, even helicopters.

  • Stop the discrimination.

    We need to stop the discrimination against Attack Helicopters around the world. Our gender identities will no longer be ignored and seen as a real gender such as a boy or a girl. We do not identify as humans at all, but within our soul we are flying death machines.

  • I do not support attack helicopters

    I say we persecute all attack helicopters because they offend me. Every time i look at one it makes me sick. They will influence our children to become really really bad things like attack helicopters. All attack helicopters should be eradicated. We should burn them by the millions and billions. @megotomatron1

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