Should attacked women alter their lives to help capture their attackers?

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  • Living in the past won't help

    Altering your life after an attack is a good way to feel like you're getting attacked every single day. You should move on and don't allow the attack to determine what you do or how you spend your time. Revenge is very rarely satisfying when you actually track the person down and extract it.

  • No, women should not have to alter their lives to capture their attackers.

    No, women should not have to alter their lives to capture their attackers, particularly because the attacker is to blame, not the women. By saying a woman should alter her life following an attack is to place blame on said woman. Attackers should be the ones to change, and the justice system should punish them accordingly.

  • Victims of violent crime should never be forced to do anything outside of their comfort zone, including capturing attackers.

    Women who have been victimized have no obligation to track down their attackers. Their number one priority is caring for themselves and seeking any help they may need to heal after an attack. However, if a woman wants to be involved in bringing her attacker to justice, she should be allowed to offer help to the authorities.

  • No, it is up to each woman how she chooses to live after the attack.

    No, a woman who has been attacked has been violated. Her life has turned upside down. Her first and most important priority is to move forward in the best way that she can. Healing and recovery are top priorities, along with re-establishing a sense of safety, normalcy, and well-being. She should not be forced to change just to capture an attacker.

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