• Australia should accept more refugees each year.

    Australia is a country of immigrants, so accepting refugees is part of the national ethos. Immigrants can make a country stronger because they add to the population. New people can bring new talents to the labor force. Immigrants can bring new customs to a nation that can make its culture more rich.

  • The argument that they shouldn't is bollocks !!!

    Did you know that australia only takes 0.3% of the worlds refugee population. In fact in the past 2 years Australia has only granted 6501 refugee visas!! Compared to countries like germany and italy who offer the better part of a million homes to those who are in need. We should be ashamed of ourselves! Imagine you were a refugee! Al they want is to be at peace. Also last time i checked Germany hadn't been bombed by refugees. And to say that they could be terrorists is crap! Terrorists usually travel by plane not by leaky faulty boats that usually end up nowhere . So next time you decide to be an ignorant pig think about those in need and actually think before you type .

  • Yea just coz bro.....

    Why not, like seriously why not?///????????????????????????????????????????????? They are humans too, like day, HUMAN BEINGS, U KNOW LIKE HOMOSAPHIENS, LIKE GOD JESUS AMEN, let them in, put your self in their shoes, pretty disgusting shoes but yeah U would want help right? EXACTLY... JESUS AMEN ASS SUCK ASS NIKI MANAJ ASS

  • We have a duty

    Australia is nothing if it weren't for immigrants. As a multi cultural nation we have a duty to care.
    People need to stop saying people from certain countries and religion shouldn't be allowed here, or that they will not assimilate and will take all our jobs.
    We are all human, not animals. If we ignore these people cry for help then that would make us animals with no hearts.
    And to all the racists, this is Australia. People have the right to dress and eat and drink whatever they want. Not everyone has to drink piss and throw bottles at the police to assimilate.

  • Everyone has a right to be safe

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  • They have rights to

    You think that you just refuse people that are poor and being threatened and want a life style like we have. Some of you think they can destroy this country and stop people coming here for holidays?
    You can avoid that by helping them live like us. Just put yourselves in their shoes and try to go to another for love and safety and then just get refused. Not cool

  • Australia Is Uniquely Situated

    Given its location in the world, Australia would be a great location for refugees. However, the country shouldn't have to bare the brunt of a flood of people. All prosperous countries around the world should be in the situation to welcome more asylum seekers. It is the price of prosperity.

  • They do the jobs we don't want to

    They do fruit picking and other jobs that Australian people don't think pay well. Being in an accepting environment reminds them of their home before the war. We also need a more diverse environment because right now less than 0.3% of Australians are immigrants. Saying they're under orders is crap do you actually know what's going on? Come on. We are privileged. They are not. Help them.

  • They're apart of our family

    I'm 12 and learning about refugees at school. So many refugees have been accepted into Australia. They're role models for kids to look up to as kids can see the difference and realise just how lucky we are. Refugees who have been brought over have said they finally feel accepted and apart of a family. The unconditional love we could give to them is unreal and it makes me disappointed to see Australia not making a difference!

  • Its their right

    Australia should allow MORE refugees in because 0.3% isn't enough. A refugee is someone who has to leave their home country because their lives have been threatened by war, poverty or bad treatment often because of their race, gender, and beliefs.
    As we all know Australia is a multicultural, multiracial and a safe country whether you like it or not and if refugees want to come here to start a new life then we shouldn't stop them.

  • Say NO to the Islamization

    Being the only country in the region, where the white people still have majority, Australia should preserve it self from the invasion of the Islamic extremists. Theses people, who claim are genuine refugees are following the orders of their brain washed religious leaders and come to Australia with the only aim to overpopulate it with Muslims.
    Why the Islamic countries do not show more initiative and accommodate for the "refugees"? Just think. Why the target destination is always a white Christian country???

  • I don't think so

    I think no because eventually all of Australia will be all owned my Asians and Chinese I'm not trying to be racist in anyway but I read that one Chinese guy brought over 10,000 acres of land in act so I am going to say no. I mean I have a few friends that are immagrants/reffugees and they are great but they are not buying all of Australia so they can turn it into their country of birth.

  • The perfect amount

    We don't need any more or any less, we are taking the right amount of refugees each year. If we take any more, Australia will get too crowded like countries in Europe, and if we take any less we will feel terrible and, of course, they do need our help! We are taking the perfect amount.

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  • Australia has too much refugees

    The government should reduce the number of refugees that are intakes to Australia. The government should spend more money on the citizens and permanent residents, not on the refugees. The citizens and permanent residents can help the country but the refugees may not. The refugees even take more money per fortnight than the pensioners take.

  • Refugees should go somewhere else

    Given that Australia has taken in a lot of refugees, other countries should do the same. Australia is a very populated country and with these refugees we will be soon over populated. Tony Abbott was right in his choice to stop asylum seekers coming to Australia, as they are coming from countries that could soon be a threat to Australia.

  • Send them all back NOW!

    For christs sake wake up. The Muslims are planing on taking over do your research look into their beliefs and their plans you will soon shut Australians doors to them all. Their are more mosques in Australia now then churches can not any one see what is going on.They are infultrating ever suburb in Australia one by one. In not timewe will all end up with out heads cut off. Look I to the the Muslim plan to convert the whole world if you dont convert they WILL slash your throaght or behead us all. NO MORE!! ITS ALREADY too late if you are asking me.

  • Money and space are serious worries.

    The immigrants can come in and take all the 'true' Australians jobs and housing spaces and money. Australia is under no inclination to accept more refugees and put it's economy under pressure from new presences that can take the cash flow off the Australians. The more people there are also means the more food and water that has to be produced and supplied to cities

  • No, they should not come to Australia

    Firstly they should not be allowed to come to Australia because they may not have their travel documents or a VISA to belong here. Secondly they may just come here with no permission and make the country not liveable. What I mean is they will destroy the country and make not a lot of immigrants want to come here for holidays.

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