• Yes they should

    School uniforms keep students respectful. When Children are wearing clothes which aren't appropriate they forget all school rules. Students need to know there place instead of breaking all of the rules! I Have had enough with my students, they are terribly behaved with uniform but when it is mufti day i have had to call parents for inappropriate language and shirts. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • Yes we should have school unifroms

    You can tell if there is an intruder in the school, if you get lost on an excursion, no one will get bullied because you all look that same and you cant get picked on because of what you are wearing. You will also look more mature because you have a uniform on.

  • No we shouldn't have school uniform .

    First of all school uniform is really expensive because students only wear the uniform at school and they already have casual clothes. Secondly you have to wear dirty clothes to school because most parents can't afford to buy more than one set of uniform and you cannot wash uniform every day. Thirdly some students may feel uncomfortable and self conscious in their school uniform and not come to school because of it.

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