• Too many people die because of bad driving.

    I think bad drivers should be punished more harshly. Bad driving not only affects the driver, it affects hundreds of other people who come into contact with the bad driver. A car is a very dangerous thing, and causes untold deaths every year. Everyone should be encouraged to drive as safely as possible for the sake of others.

  • Bad Drivers Should Re-Take Driving Test

    Bad drivers should re-take their driving test in addition to having their driver's license taken away. Bad drivers don't need to be on the road whatsoever. They don't need jail time, but having their driving privileges restricted is one way to rehab bad drivers during their punitive stage. Unfortunately, some drivers will continue to be on the road despite these restrictions.

  • Yes, bad drivers should be punished more harshly.

    I think that bad drivers should be punished more harshley. I think that people who have a reputation of driving badly should be punished more harshley by the law. I think that bad drivers put other people's lives and safety in danger when they continue to exhibit bad habits on the road.

  • No, society is already far too focused on punishment to worry about bad drivers.

    No, bad drivers should not be punished more harshly. If individuals feel as though there are "too many bad drivers out there," they should make the personal decision to stay off the roads themselves. The role of a government is the insurance of liberty, not the assurance of surveillance and punishment.

  • No, bad drivers should not be punished more harshly.

    There are already enough punishable driving behaviors. Speed cameras and right-turn-on-red cameras are already pushing on the border of a big-brother style society. Drivers who make errors in everyday driving, but do not cause accidents should not have extra punishments doled out to them. It's the responsibility of every driver to keep an eye on the surroundings and should aid in avoiding accidents. Putting harsher penalties on small mistakes tightens the law beyond where it needs to be.

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