• Censorship is necessary

    Taking the ban off some books would be like taking off the censorship on the internet. Not all books should be read by young adults, and without bans, what is there to stop them? I know people who do drugs because they know that their parents don't care and won't censor them. If they had been taught to steer clear of those things, then it would have increased their chances of being sober. Guidelines are necessary in life; without them, there is nothing to keep the chaos at bay. Thanks

  • Everything a reason

    As we saw from what history taught us remembering the past brings emotional heritage into the future never killing the cycle of hatred. Now after the times past of slavery, manifest destiny and the ww1&2, bitterness has long increased and kids reading this hatred only grow more for what happen to their people. For instance reading the rosewood massacre and how blacks were used in the frontlines trigger great anger and this just from history books

  • Banning Books Stunts Your Brain

    I think banning books is stupid because it denies students access to important ideas. The reason kids need to read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is because they need to see how far civil rights have come and be thankful that we live in such a different world today. Parents coddle their children too much, thinking they aren't ready to know how big and bad the world is and can be. By banning books, you make those titles become more desirable because they seem taboo and children will find a way to read them. In the end, it's pointless

  • Why Ban Books When There Are Other Solutions

    Literature reflects life, so since there is hatred, profanity, and drugs in life of course they are represented in literature. Book banning violates the author's right of freedom of speech. Librarians and teachers should not control what a child reads; the parent should. Book banning also has a counter effect, as kids are more enticed to read the 'forbidden fruit.' You're stopping everyone from reading something just because a percentage (can be small, can be big) are too appalled by it.
    Not only are many of the books that are banned ridiculous, for example a book with no inappropriate content Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Was censored because the author was mistaken for a Communist author who had the same name. Many books that really aren’t age appropriate. Parents should be able to keep their children away from books that are truly inappropriate for their age group. If a parent truly wants to keep their child away from certain ideas the best way to do so is to give them only books that the parents know is appropriate and expose them to other topics when the parent is ready. Any librarian would be glad to help, and it allows for everyone to pursue their own interests without fear of banned books.

  • Books are books

    Books are books they say what people write. If we can ban books that's like telling the person who wrote it no your not good enough fro us leave and kill yourself while you are at it. See stupid right? So why ban books. They are just books. If you don't want to read them then don't if you do then read them.

  • To read or not to read that is he question?

    When we censor what young adults can read we do three very important things happen, first all youth rebels the authority and so if your smart you would assign "censor" books so they will choose not read it anyways a little reverse phycology. Second censorship on books is dumb because if they can't get it from you they will get it from someone else and it's just like a gateway though process I did this when books we're censored so I can do drugs if I can't them from mom and dada I can get them from my friends. Third books are informative and essential in growing up through books we gain a new prospective from people and through prospective we Lear tolerance and spread diversity why would we want to put a stop to this.

  • I disagree with this

    Why should this go paperless if you were to save tree? Old people love to read books just like my mother. I don't read books very much except i read catalogs. You go to digital books? They still sell millions of books and why would these books become unsold? These books shall not be unsold!

  • Why write books if they can be censored?

    Censorship in any way is a bad idea, especially with books. If someone wants to go read up on Hitler's great book Mein Kampf, then they should be allowed. If someone is curious to know how a pipe bomb functions, then they should be allowed to go get the Anarchist's Cookbook. Books are a source of information, whether that is the bombing of Japan, or how to build a bomb, and information shouldn't be censored.

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