• The bass should be louder

    I agree that bass should be louder to show sympathy to the bassists. However, as a musician I know that bass belongs to the lower frequency section of a song. This means that it the sound of the bass guitar is more of a sensation that is felt than a sound to be heard. Bass is a an essential part of music and without it there is no BASE to the song. I would conclude by saying that while a song is being recorded, only the required volumes should be turned on , however while playing a song live the bass could be louder to entertain the croud~~zaid al

  • The Other Instruments Will Still be Heard

    As a guitarist, I personally think the bass should be turned up louder. The guitar, drums, vocals etc. will still be heard. While the bass's job certainly isn't meant to be loud or the main instrument, I think it still should be noticed. It's evident that bassists put a lot of effort into learning and playing songs but never really get noticed for it. I definitely think they should be louder.

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