• It's time for a united party

    Bernie Sanders fought a hard battle, and given the circumstances, did an amazing job. The time has come, however, for him to end his campaign and begin working with Hillary Clinton to unite the Democratic party for the general election. As it stands now, the party is extremely divided between these two candidates, and this is going to hurt the Democrats in the general election. Sanders needs to start swaying his supporters to stand behind Clinton to ensure the Democratic party wins the White House.

  • Bernie Sanders should except defeat

    Bernie Sanders should finally accept defeat and acknowledge that Hillary Clinton is the democratic nominee for president. While he ran an interesting campaign, his radical socialism has no place in the United States, even among the most radical Democratic voters. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton is the nominee and likely the next president of United States.

  • Yes, I believe that Bernie Sanders should accept defeat.

    Yes, I believe that Bernie Sanders should accept defeat because Hillary Clinton has reached the number of delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination. At this point, Bernie Sanders should endorse Hillary Clinton and unite the Democratic party so that the party can win the White House against the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

  • It's time for Bernie to accept defeat

    Bernie Sanders had a great campaign that dramatically affected debates and priorities among Democrats. However, now that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee, the best way for Bernie to affect the issues is to accept defeat and either try to obtain a position in the Clinton administration or otherwise work outside a campaign framework.

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