Should billionaires be forced to give more to charity?

  • Yes they should

    They should as they have lots of money and they aren't just going to use it all on themselves as that's just greedy and that maybe poorer people should pay less but it is There money to spend so they can do what they want with it as they did earn it.

  • They should pay taxes

    Its not fair to are parents, most of are parents are gonna be broke if the taxes don't lower! If you are rich you should pay even more taxes than normal people! There are people dieing on the streets of poor health and hunger wile there was a billionaire buying a picture of a goat for 2.6 million $'s that's insane and they only bought it for there amusment!

  • Yes they should

    yes, I do think that it would be a good idea for the billionares of the world to have to give up a lot of their money and give it to other people that are in need. I think that they will never need all of the money that they have.

  • I actually think that shey should, but in a kind of a different way...

    The Word hre that caused me to say 'no' was FORCE. İt would be terribly wrong to force somebody to share his/her Money with the ones in need just because they are wealthy. İn my opinion it is the governments duty. They should be increasing taxes of rich people and reducing the poor. Nonetheless, no matter how hard you try, you cant save every existence on earth.

  • No they shouldn't

    It's THEIR money, they can spend it where they want.(if they pay their taxes regularly) Instead, the government should spend more money to help poor people.(and spend less money on military) You can't force people to give their OWN MONEY to other people. If you care poor people, help poor people instead of buying a new computer.

  • No, I don't think billionares should be forced to give more to charity.

    I believe that many billionaires already generously donate huge sums of money to charities but I don't believe it's right for the Government to tell them that they are required to donate more money to charities, they earned their market through the free markets and they should be able to spend it in what way they desire.

  • They do by spending money.

    No, billionaires should not be forced to give more money to charity, because if they earned the money fairly, they should have the right to do what they want to with it. Also, if a rich person has money to burn, they might buy a big house. Then they will hire someone to mow the lawn and clean. Then two people have jobs.

  • No, they should not.

    What billionaires should be forced to do is pay higher taxes. Much higher taxes. Then they would be doing more than they ever could donating to selective charities. If we taxed billionaires more highly, the economy would shoot through the roof and there would be far less issues and troubles.

  • Billionaires should not be forced to give to charity.

    Billionaires should not be forced to give more to charity, however they should make that option more attractive by increasing the tax rate for the extremely wealthy by a large margin. Since somewhere around 80% of America's wealth is held by the top 5% of the nation there clearly should be more tax enacted on them.

  • NO ONE should be FORCED to give any money to charity

    This is theft. It is funny how advocates for this seem to set the line for this above their income line, pretty much exclusively. It is always noble to take things from others, so long as you are not the victim.

    Also, if it is forced, it is no longer charity.

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