• It is for her safety.

    Sex is a mature and responsible action adults make with each other.Sometimes it is also for pleasure.We all are different and sex is a human need ,it is not something preached in some religious text.
    It is for her safety.Let the human decide it and let the religion not control and reshape the destiny

  • Someone is always going to abuse it...

    but that doesn't mean that it's not extremely beneficial to many, too. Birth Control (in pill form) has other uses besides just preventing unwanted pregnancy. It's been shown to clear up acne, alleviate menstrual cramps and make heavy, painful periods lighter and tolerable. It doesn't take the responsibility out of sex, trying to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, whatever the reason may be, is extremely responsible. I'm not advocating using birth control so you can sleep with a million people, but lets be honest.. people are going to have sex- for any number of reasons- and having the resources to do so safely is important. I do not think that the government should cover the entire cost, but I do think it needs to be accessible, affordable and mandatory for people receiving government assistance who already have more children than they can provide for.

  • Yes, but the question is which human?

    American society clearly has strong views on both sides of this debate. The ultimate question that needs to be addressed is whose life has the 'human right'? If the human right is with the mother of the potential child then she should have the choice to take measures to not have a child. If the human right is with the potential child of the mother then that child has the right to the possibility of life. This is a clear answer in the sense that yes, this should be a widely recognized human right but the deeper issue that needs to be addressed is, which human?

  • Birth control is a free choice

    Yes. Some people can be inappropriate with their use of birth control. However, it is not your choice as to what people do. People can see reason and will hopefully see birth control is not to be messed with, but for their health. it is their choice, not ours. Birth control can also be for ones safety. My mom uses birth control, but it is for her safety, not for pleasure.

  • Not a right

    No, it should not be a right. Women have the choice to use (or not use) birth control. They also have the choice to have sex. Birth control is not the only way to not get pregnant. Furthermore, the government should not be legislating this issue anyways. It's a female's decision whether she uses birth control, not the government's.

  • A choice, but not a right.

    It is a moral decision. People consent to have sex, and they must consider the repercussions for doing so. It is a choice that people must make. They should not expect the government to pay for their birth control. It is not a civil right. On the other hand, it is their choice.

  • Birth control should not be a human right.

    Sex is a mature and responsible action adults make with each other. The reason why it is a responsible action is because it could potentially result in the creation of a new human being. Letting birth control be commercially accessible takes the responsibility out of the question and emphasizes the use of sex as a recreational act rather than one that constitutes the continuing of society.

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