• Its better to be safe then sorry!

    Even though some people disagree on this topic i say yes! I'm one of the many girls that take birth control and I don't take advantage of it. I know the advantages and disadvantages of taking it. Just because a girl takes it doesn't mean she still can't get pregnant, to be honest it just simply lowers the risk of getting pregnant. It's a lot better to be safe then sorry though. If the girl misses just one pill that whole month that risk goes higher.

  • Lower unintended pregnancy

    Making birth control available over the counter would allow easier access. It would become more affordable and lower the rate of unwanted or unintended pregnancy. It promotes safe sex and allows those who cannot afford a visit to the doctor to be able to buy birth control. It would do more good than harm.

  • Teens WIll Have Sex Anyway

    Besides birth control pills aren't just for pregnancy prevention and not all girl on them have sex. Many are regulating periods. No I don't believe that pills be available causes promiscuity any more than heroin being easy to find in my city makes me shoot it (I'm not a druggie). An age limit of 13 would be good though

  • With some limitations.

    I think it would be beneficial for people who do not have medical insurance to be able to purchase birth control at their pharmacy without needing to go to the doctors to obtain a prescription for them. It should have limitations like that of other medications. I don't think it should be sold with Tylenol but instead be purchase directly from the pharmacy counter, where identification showing that you are at least 18 years of age should be required.

  • No, it should not.

    While it would probably be a great benefit to many people, and might even help lessen the amount of people getting abortions, I do not think it would be a good idea. Not everyone reads what the medicine you take actually does, and what to expect from it. Sometimes it is needed to have a doctor flat out tell you what's going to happen.

  • No birth control should not be sold over the counter

    No, I do not believe that birth control should be sold over the counter and that you should be an adult in order to obtain birth control. I think that selling it over the counter sends the wrong message to young girls that they can behave in promiscuous ways, and instead it should be prescription only.

  • It's medication not to be treated lightly!

    Birth control should definitely not be sold over the counter. The issue isn't so much one of morality but a medical one. Birth control is a pharmaceutical item and like all medications, it comes with complications and side effects. Furthermore, it's not as straightforward to use as simply popping a pill whenever you feel like it. Therefore, some kind of professional guidance is needed.

    By limiting access to it via doctor subscription, women will be given proper instruction on how to use it most effectively. Furthermore, a doctor will be able to monitor and deal with any uncomfortable side effects that a patient might experience on the pill. Without this type of guidance, many young, naive women would unwittingly get themselves pregnant by accident or confusingly think that using birth control would also prevent them from getting STDs.

  • Obesity can't be blamed on one industry

    We can't blame obesity on one company it's much more complicated on that. I blame it on the deregulation of capitalism under the Reagen administration that allowed Cooperations like McDonalds to thrive. We need to shut down the FDA in it's current state and leave states up to regulating the food industry. The United States is simply too big to have any one organization regulate such a broad thing.

    Not only fast food restaurants but a majority of food today. The only way to prevent your body from desease to give it the right food. Most food found in your average grocery store unless your talking Whole Foods Market has no nutrional value what so ever and contains all sorts of artificial chemicals, preservatives, and sweeteners. Eating less doesn't work either and is dangerous. We don't need to eat less, we need to eat more of the wholesome foods that our bodies thrive on. The good news is more and more grocery stores are carrying organic foods.

  • Nahhhhhhh hell naaaaa

    Thats a bad idea cus den thots gon go have sex unlimited thinkin they not gon get pregnant just bc they on the pill. Then they gone get pregnant and the rate of teenage pregnancy will increase. They gon be tellin ppl "the pill didnt work" becos they had no guidance in using the pill correctly

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