• Yes it should

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which means it is an alternate currency to our own. Bitcoin adds a new element to the world economy and it cant go through inflation. Bitcoin is supported by thousands of people "mining" for bitcoins. 1. Bitcoins unlike the federal currency are not backed by federal funding and banks to make it secure, instead they have separate people making it secure. 2. Bitcoin mining is where you make your computer do complicated math equations while you slowly rake it bitcoin profit by helping the security of the currency. By offering an incentive (bitcoins) for securing the currency they make people want to help, getting stronger by the day. Bitcoins are an economic revolution and their functions are useful and plentiful.

  • It will just be a loss

    Because if it becomes illegal then millions of people will their money they have investes there will in ther will also be inflation as many peole wil lose money and to get more money they will icrese the price of broducts or serices so think before voting for no .

  • The argument for legalizing it is much stronger

    As long as people use it legally then I don't see a reason to take it away, when u take away a fun way to bet and make money when ur lucky then your frustrating a lot of good people who are using it correctly. Find a way to stop people from doing something illagal

  • If it has value, it can be used as currency.

    There is no reason why bitcoin shouldn't be legal. If people believe that an item, whether physical or virtual, has value, then they should be allowed to use it for trade. Currency does not need to be officially endorsed by a government. Gold, for example, evolved as a currency before any government decided to use it.

  • No it shouldn't be legal

    No, I do not think that Bitcoin should be legal and that each country or region should just keep on using their own currency. Bitcoin should just be used for online purposes only, and can make a decent investment tool, but I think most people like to be able to touch money.

  • Hi this is bad

    Yes very bad it is. It is really bad. Maybe extremely bad. Bad enough to cause death. Death of many trees. Trees produce life. If they die we die. If we die earth will live again. Then all the bacteria is recreated earth. New earth means new humans. New humans make new babies. New babies grow up to send people to space. The new humans look through a strong telescope back in time to see our human race extinction and keep trees so they dont die.

  • The Blockchain Technology

    If it is possible to separate the blockchain technology from the bitcoin currency, we should keep the tech, but get rid of the currency. Think of it this way: the blockchain tech is the blueprint for a house, we followed the blueprint to make the house. But later, the house we built for positive reasons has become a casino. Should we still keep the casino, even though it is giving us negative results?

  • It's too easy to get away with the illegals.

    Bitcoin is used to do the illegals and doing the illegals is morally wrong. If you are wanting to do the illegals then do it with pride and go run around Central Park without any clothes on. The the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the

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