• Black lives matter should share partial responsibility for the Dallas shootings.

    I did not know much about this subject, but after reading both sides I believe they were responsible. Black lives matter promotes hate toward all police when only a tiny percentage commit any crimes against blacks. By saying that all police officers are bad they are creating a stereotype that might come true if they continue to treat police poorly.

  • Yes, Black Lives Matter bears some responsibility.

    Their rhetoric that blames all police officers for the isolated illegal behavior of a few bad officers fosters a climate of hatred for all police. They demand "justice now" but refuse to accept the facts that justice is not a quick or easy process. I find it curious that many of those stating BLM is not to blame say that the Dallas shooter is solely responsible but BLM does not accept that fact about an individual police officer and instead blames all police officers for each individual shooting.

  • Shares some responsibility

    A group that is protesting the notion of a systemic problem, by blaming the actions of very few on the entire justice system cannot itself simply shrug off responsibility for this heinous act. While I personally believe that all actions of any individual are their sole responsibility, I can't not agree with an organization being hypocritical by using a tactic of placing blame on an entire organization or group of people and then trying to shed any responsibility of this action, even if it was 1 individual, especially when the language that has been used has, at a minimum, symbollically called for physical confrontation with police officers. Organizations like this, must be held accountable for their rhetoric and tactics.

  • Yes, Black Lives Matter does share some blame for the Dallas police shooting.

    The Black Lives Matter group does bear some responsibility for provoking the Dallas police shooting. Many protesters often exploit tragedies for their own political agendas. Furthermore, some of the rhetoric that comes from the protests does include references to violent acts against law enforcement. No, Black Lives Matter never intended for police to be killed during one of their protest. However, the group does promote misinformation and hatred toward the police.

  • No, Black Lives Matter should not be blamed.

    Black lives matter is a large group filled of many people from all walks of life. Many of these people were marching peacefully when the snipers began shooting. Most black lives matter activists believe in peaceful protest and do not want harm to come to anyone, including the police officers.

  • No, Black Lives Matter should not be blamed for the Dallas police shooting.

    In my opinion the belief that Black Lives matter is responsible for the five police officers who were killed in the Dallas sniper attack is completely untrue and misguided. The blame rests on the shooters. Black Lives Matter is not for murder, they support equality, justice and freedom for all.

  • No, the shooter should be blamed for the Dallas shooting.

    The only person or people who are to blame for the Dallas shooting are the ones who picked up the gun and started firing, not the Black Lives Matter movement. Though we may be motivated by various influences, our actions are ultimately our own decision and our own responsibility. This incident also serves as further proof of the desperate need for stricter gun control legislation, but the actions belong to the shooter, not BLM.

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