• Heroin is super fun.

    You can't give a valid argument in this debate if you have not yet experienced the sweet sweet high that comes from using black tar heroin. If anything I believe the price should be lowered and taxed heavily to prevent homeless people and hoodlums from using and allowing us citizens of VALUE to indulge in this amazingly sublime substance of Jesus. If you are not a Christian, there is still a good reason to support the legalization. Islamists OBVIOUSLY use black tar heroin as well, how else would they have come up with the name ISIS???? I am sure, completely positive, that our previous President, George W. Bush, also indulged in this nectar of Mt. Olympus, else how would he have come up with the plans for 9/11? Do you really think that a Texan with a cocaine problem though about the inability of jet fuel to melt steel beams? All heroin, my friends... All that sweet heroin.

  • Heroin is an extremely addictive and dangerous drug.

    Heroin, unlike marijuana, is an extremely addictive and dangerous drug. It causes health problems if used over a prolonged period of time and, if a user overdoses, they could ended up in a vegetative state or even die as the result of taking too much. For these reasons, it is not a good idea to legalize black tar heroin.

  • Drugs create violence

    When in the deepest throws of addiction, a person will resort to just about anything to get the drugs that he or she needs to reduce the miserable feelings of withdrawl. Its almost like being in a state of hypnosis when the addictave mind slips into the state of needing the addictave drug. They will stop at just about anything in order to reduce the sickness and craving.

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