• Why blockbuster and other video stores should make a comeback in the streaming age

    I think stores like blockbuster, hollywood video ,video superstore, and even crazy mikes video need to have some sort of comeback so its more stable like family video and scarecrow , so there is more variety, like have streaming options and disc rental options for those stores it would be awesome

  • Can't find old movies!! Can't find recent movies!!!

    The other day I was in the mood to watch "The Big Chill" and I couldn't find it on Hulu or Netflix. Blockbuster would have it. I also wanted to watch Operator, the movie with Haley Berry as a 911 operator. Redbox in Boyton Beach had it when I was visiting a friend so I thought when I get home (2 hours away) I looked for months it was never available here in Redbox. Blockbuster would have had it.

  • We need you Blockbuster!

    I don't know any other way to say this we need you back, there is nothing else like Blockbuster where you can walk in and find all types of movies and for a decent price. Netflix is just not the same for very simple reasons its doesn't have all the movie. It's not easy to find the one movie you are just dying to see again or for the first time. Netflix doesn't come out with day one movies like other services, if I want to watch a new movie I have to go on console to watch it for a Ridicules price. If you can't compete with Netflix why Haven't you ever thought about making your own online service to compete with them? If you can't come back someone needs to fill the void they just got to.

  • Please bring it back

    This is so dumb that its not there and there is nowhere else to go for this. Everything is crap dam. Redbox netflix and gamefly are crap. Please realize that because i could go on about this and say bring blockbuster back for real. More movies. More games. Less cost

  • Absolutely, bring back blockbuster!!!

    I prefer going in and walking around and deciding what movie to see! I miss family/friends movie night! Blockbuster should come back, and give the new generation the same experience of a huge range of different types of movies to select. Maybe team up with a coffee shop. Or have a movie night, where people can come in and stay for a movie. Give people a different type of date nights/afternoon . Seeing old movies.
    Also they can sell items that can increase their sales

  • It was cool

    I like to rent movies... So if there are blockbusters I can read everything about the movie and stuff. I liked blockbuster and I think they should bring it back. I don't like watching movies on Netflix because they don't really give a good description of the movie I want but blockbuster you can read the movie cover and back. There's those reasons and even more on how they should bring it back.

  • I miss family movie night!

    I hate redbox I hate paying on PPV. The fun of going as a family and each person picking out a movie and candy it was awesome. We had movie night every Friday!! Kids are missing out!!! I think the lack of Blockbusters in our community is the sole reason for families not spending quality time together!!

  • Too many places with exclusive rights

    The way we get movies now is so annoying! You have to subscribe to ten different services to see the movie you want or fork over $15 to buy it because no matter how many services you subscribe to, it is always exclusively on the ones you don't have. It was so much better to be able to rent the movie you wanted from one place. Some people might like having all this junk on demand, but because of exclusive rights it is impossible to see the movie you want, when you want it most of the time.

  • It wasn't just movies.

    Streaming doesn't affect gaming, which was also a substantial part of blockbuster. There was something special about driving to the local blockbuster and renting a brand new game for about 5 bucks and keeping it long enough to complete it.
    Other companies don't have the convienence of being able to cheaply rent any disc you want and thus, the company should come back.

  • Because it gives people a reason for getting out

    It gives people a reason get out and enjoy life instead of just staying in with Netflix which can potentially have a virus and it can freeze due to weak signal as a dvd or blu-ray from blockbuster video you cab watch without a virus,freezing or weak signal and it makes more money on food drinks and candy

  • Listen dont hate on me when you see that I said no just read what I have to say

    I loved blockbuster growing up but it coming back is like winning the lottery. Think of it this way, will flip phones ever come back? Heck no... Same concept technology is moving on every who experienced it lived through history. Its gone likely forever but maybe some wierdo will create a time machine and fix this ordeal or maybe im being crazy. Point is we will always love you blockbuster and we hope you come back but its unlikely

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