• Yes, the deferred money deal was good for him.

    The differed money deal made sure he would be payed a little more in the long run. It also gave him garunteen payments throughout the rest of his life. Regardless of his spending habits, he is financial secure in the knowledge that he will always have money coming in as long as he lives.

  • Yes, Bobby Bonilla should have taken the deal that benefits him and his family.

    One issue that many professional athletes encounter is that they get a huge chunk of money up front but then do not think about long-term deals. This unusual deal between Bonilla and the Mets turned $5.9 million into almost $30 million because he was willing to wait at 8 percent interest, and now he will get a $1 million+ check from the team each July. It helped the Mets, who were strapped when their owners lost money in the Bernie Madoff scandal, and it helps Bonilla, who has a terrific pension plan.

  • Yes, Bobby Bonilla should have taken a deffered money deal.

    In today's world people are looking for ways to improve there economy. In Bobby Bonilla's case he increased how many earnings he would receive by delaying when he would be paid. This is a smart way to earn more money over his lifetime so anyone would make the smart choice by going this route.

  • Bobby Bonilla should have taken a deferred money deal

    Bobby Bonilla should have taken a deferred money deal. But, hindsight is always perfection in matters of sports and money. At the time what Bonilla took for compensation probably seemed like a great deal. In today's market, he would have been strikingly wealthy with The money that is spent on today's players.

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