• Yes, "Born to Run" should be the state song for New Jersey

    The New Jersey song legend Bruce Springsteen holds a popular place in the heart of his home state. The song "Born to Run" symbolizes the energy and youth of the state and would give it an updated image. Bruce has also done many charitable events throughout the nation and selecting this song would be another way to reward him.

  • Yes, "Born to Run" should become New Jersey's state song.

    Yes, "Born to Run" should become New Jersey's state song because it captures everything wonderful about the song. Plus, it was written by the state's greatest artist of all time. How many other state songs would be as recognizable? New Jersey would have the best song of all fifty states.

  • It's about leaving New Jersey

    Every election season there's hilarity because some idiot thinks that a song means one thing when it really means something else. "Born in the USA" is a common example, another Bruce Springsteen song. "Born to Run" is about LEAVING New Jersey. Only the government would try to make something a state song that means exactly the opposite of what they think.

  • "Born to Run" should not be the New Jersey state song

    "Born to Run" should not be New Jersey's state song. Although it is written and performed by New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen, who has done a lot for the state, it is about running away and drifting. There are other songs that would better represent the spirit of the state.

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