Should both parents take equal responisbilty in raising a child?

Asked by: AugustMommy2012
  • Get a Job not child support

    Both parent should be resonable.. The other parent that pays support while the other parent don't work. And the other parent struggling to live paying all the child support.. To many lazy *ucks around.. Ps and us tax payers should not have to do a UA of walfaire people don't???

  • 50/50 should be a new law with no child support if father is doing his part to raise the child

    My ex wont let me see my child, I was an active father and always went to my daughters appointments and etc. Its not fair that mothers who abuse child support get to have the child more and get a free check for taking care of their own child and having a willing father to buy stuff for the child at any given time. Knowing that I gotta start paying my ex to see my child is crazy. I plan not to have anymore kids because of this child support issue, I always gave my child stuff she needs and spoil her and my ex just want a check to pay her bills when she can pick up hours at work. This govt is fuck up, No wonder why fathers run off, but I cant do that to my child I love her too much even if I have to pay to see her

  • It takes 2

    It takes 2 people to make a child. A child needs a fatherly figure around. A mother shows affection and love. If it takes 2 to make a child, it takes 2 to raise a child. You decided to do this. You decided to have a child. You cannot back out. What kind of parent are you to leave your own child?

  • Yes they should

    To that the parent like the child is by raising him properly. If you see a father that loves his child a lot he would take a break from his everyday work and spend time with the child. In addition if the scientist have said that the mother had much more responsibility than the father.

  • Of course they should!!

    There's no question here. Of course fathers and mothers should take equal responsibility in raising THEIR child. Most of the time though, it doesn't work this way (even in the best families). Women almost always shoulder more of the work. The research shows men have the ability to nurture children: whether or not they will step up is the question.

  • Yes they Should!!!!

    I think that both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child. It takes two people to have a child, so it should take two people to raise that child!! I am a single mother of a 11 year old and I do it all myself. His so called father hasn't even been in his life for over 5 years now. He has missed out on a lot of things that his son has done. I just don't understand how anybody could just abandoned their own flesh and blood like that. Like I said it takes two to make a baby so I believe it should be the same with raising a child!!!

  • Yes I agree

    I am 15 years old. My mom doesn't have anything to do with me. For 3 years she has ignored me and my phone calls. She doesn't help with school supplies and she doesn't even let me see my sister. So everything that is happening right now is why I agree.

  • Obviously,they should..It is important that they do.

    First of all they both decided to have the kid so they must deal with the fact that it's now their responsibility.The father can not depend on the mother alone to deal with his own child's needs and problems...He need to be there both for the child n mother..I mean u should have thought of this before having the baby.

  • Different things to teach

    Both parents offer different advice, tendencies, and education. They allow the child to be exposed to both genders and not grow up biased. Neither parent can be both a maternal and paternal figure in a child's life. Both are needed to have a balanced upbringing. This way they will better prepared and more education about each gender.

  • Equality in Society

    Why would they not share responsibility? It takes two to make a baby, and it takes two to raise them. Yes, you have single parent households, but that's not necessarily their choice. They make do with what they have and still do a good job. When two people are actively in a child's life, it's not fair for the mom to do everything. ( or vise versa ) On the other hand, if there was a sperm or egg donation, and there are two parents ( heterosexual or homosexual ) they should both share responsibility as well because they both CHOSE to create or adopt that baby.

  • No they shouldn't

    Some men give their sperm away as an act of kindness. This does not mean that they should have the responsibility of taking care of a child. You guys have to look at it both ways. These mothers sometimes egg their children on to leave them disappointed when they participate in this procedure and openly allow their kids to get emotionally attached to the subject that a "FATHER" is not involved in their life.

  • Not all families are the same!!

    What happens when your "fatherly figure" is a drug addict? Or owes lots of people lots of money?! Not every situation is the same. Please don't go around thinking every family has a stereotypical mom, dad, two kids, and a dog, for goodness sake! The parents (and possibly an old enough kid) should discuss what is best for their family, not listen to some 16-year-old just "typing away" because it's their homework assignment. Thank you *bow*

  • Doesn't have to be completely equal...

    In special terms such as..
    A parent who does not want to be a parent is better off for the child to be raised in a home where the child is loved and cared for.
    If a child is being abused or harmed by a parent it would be best for the child to stay away from being raised in a home where a child is physically hurt. A single parent can do a better job at raising the child with a safe environment.
    If a parent is supporting a child with a job one parent may have more of a responsibility of raising that child while the other one is supporting the child but paying for food and shelter and may come home and raise them but not as equally as the other parent may have.
    These are the reasons why not all parents need to have equal responsibility.

  • They should not

    Some men and women just have sex and when a baby is brought into the world, they leave the other person because they don't want to raise a child and if the are forced to, they do thing just so the other person will want them to leave. A child needs both parents but you could find someone else to treat them like they should. That's better than having a dead-beat mother or father.

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