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  • It should be a choice not forced upon.

    I'm not saying that all mother's have to be full time stay at home mom's and there's nothing wrong with a mother having a job. However if a mother works she needs to make sure that she is still properly fulfilling her God Given Role as a Wife and Mother as being a keeper of the home as God's Word say's and also to be the type of Wife and Mother that Proverbs 31 describes. Therefore wants to work she should be a teacher since you get a lot of time off, work a part time job or work from home. Some of you may say why can't the Man be the keeper of the home. The reason is because God assigned Man the Role to be the Primary Provider of his Family and God assigned Woman the task to be the Primary Caregiver since she's the one that can bare Children. A Man should not put his job over his family but he should work full time since he's the primary provider. A Man also has a different but equal responsibility in raising his Children. God will hold the Man accountable too if he doesn't spend enough time with his Children.

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