• My opinion don't judge

    My daughter always worries about the way she looks in front f a boy and I think she shouldn't. I think she would be more focused on her school work then how a boy thinks. If kids were separate they don't have to worry about puberty. If they are surrounded by people they're own gender they don't have to feel embarrassed.

  • No no no.

    Children need to meet the onsite sex in order to know how life is on the future. If a girl had never met a boy accept maybe Asher dad and brothers and cousins and one day she meets a boy from the opposite sex she would be like Whaaaaa but that is only if like u only saw a boy at home . That's my opinion anyway. Hopes this helps

  • No thank you.

    Why would you let your child learn in an environment that doesn't allow children to learn the social skills they need in the real world? If boys and girls are separated into single-sex schools or classrooms, our society is backtracking the progress we've made for equal gender rights. It isn't fair for the children and will compromise our future as a society.

  • No never ever

    That should not happen because boys and girls should be together god did not separate the boys and girls once. So we shouldn't separate boys and girls either. And boys and girls should only be separated in restrooms or showers.That's my opinion on should boys and be schooled separately. Enjoy

  • What the what

    Kids should be able to meet people different people, different genders, or they will grow up to be a lonely person in life because they would think that it is wrong to date a women in the future that is why I say students should not be separated in school.

  • No, not as a matter of course.

    In the usual course of things, boys and girls should be schooled together in the same school and even in the same classroom. However, at certain times in life--as when girls tend to try to look less smart for boys--same sex education may be preferable. That may be true with some behavior issues, too.

  • No,but have a choice.

    Boys and girls work fine at school together, I do not think it causes an increased distraction or keeps students from reaching their potential. However, I do think that the parents of the students and the students themselves should be given the choice if they want to go to a same-sex school or not.

  • Schooling Children Separately

    Boys and girls should not be schooled separately. If a system is not broken, then the government should not change it. There are private schools available for those parents who wants their children to attend an all boy school or girl school. But socialization does not occur in a vacuum.

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