• Uniforms should be in public schools

    Public schools need to look deeper into the affects of enforcing school uniforms. There are plenty of perks, including, the fact that kids will spend more time on school work not choosing outfits for the next day, and gang insignia and colors would not be a problem,it also could enhance school pride. It could minimize teasing based on apparel and the cost of clothing.

  • Uniforms should be an option

    They would not only reduce teasing and bulling and even discrimination, and help those in need or those who just can't afford the latest fashion to fit in. It would teach students to be respectful and responsible, to be decent and discrete. These qualities and principles will help children and teenagers become better people since they will determine the future.And it would even help them personally to have a good reputation.

  • Uniforms should be an option

    Yes school uniforms should be an option for students. I don't think they should be a requirement as it keeps people from making a choice. However some students may choose to wear them if given the opportunity. If someone keeps breaking the dress code then you can make them mandatory.

  • Yes, put on those uniforms.

    School uniforms are really a great idea for the poor children. They can wear the same shirt to school five days in a row and nobody will be able to pick on them like usual. This will save the poor kids family and may allow them to upgrade from second hand shoes.

  • Boys and girls should wear uniforms.

    School uniforms are good because they minimize distractions in the learning environment. Also, children who may not come from the best economic background do not look noticeably different from the more well off kids. Also, it minimizes the presence of gangs in the school, because if a gang isn't wearing its colors, it's not much of a gang.

  • It is weird

    Nobody wants to wear the same clothes everyday and they really do not want to wear the same clothes as anybody else and you don't know if they even wash their clothes,they could be the same clothes that they had on monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday or friday they couldn't tell if it is theirs or not if anybody mixes them up.

  • Students should be able to pick out their own clothing instead of wearing a uniform.

    While wearing school uniforms children are not allowed to express them selves. Those kids can get sent to the office just for putting something in their hair. Therefore I do not think that boys or girls should have to wear school uniforms. Students can become less encouraged to come to school when they have to wear school uniforms.

  • No they shouldn't.

    Boys and girls should not have to wear school uniforms, unless they are at a private school. School uniforms are boring and uncomfortable. Students should have the opportunity to develop their own styles. This helps to boost creativity and they will be more successful in areas like art and music.

  • No they should not.

    Boys and girls should not wear school uniforms that is not the best way to have a dress code in my opinion. I feel like that causes more stress on the parents, teachers, and the students. Now the student will have to always have a certain set of clothing and if they are slightly out of place they get in trouble which is not fair to them.

  • School Uniforms a Bad Idea

    In reality, boys and girls shouldn't have to wear school uniforms in public schools. Private schools are another story, though. Uniforms take all of the uniqueness and individuality away from a person that must wear such clothing. The benefits of wearing uniforms are questionable, and no study has linked them toward a higher standard of education.

  • At public schools, no.

    This is a question that I feel gets tossed around a lot, and I have always felt that when it comes to public schools, uniforms are not really necessary. I think at public schools, students should have the right to dress as freely as the school guidelines would allow them to.

  • No it takes away freedom.

    Boys and girls should not have to wear school uniforms because it takes away their freedom. Students should be able to choose what they want to wear in order to create some kind of individuality within the school. By forcing them all to look and dress the same it takes away their creativity.

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