• Equalizes the Playing Field

    School kids spend an awful lot of time and energy worrying about what to wear in the morning and about fashion and trends in general,

    They also judge and criticize each other's choices. Poorer kids can never keep up with all the latest trends. Also some kids wear clothing to school that is inappropriate and even dangerous to them- I mean the wrong color can get you shot. The wrong heels can deform young feet, break ankles and make necessary physical activities impossible.. School uniforms take care of a lot of these problems.

    Everyone looks the same whether their parents are married millionaires or single and on welfare, A uniform code breaks down unnecessary boundaries. It also creates a more academic atmosphere for learning.

    I wore uniforms and hated them when I was a kid. Now as a much wiser adult, I see the value to them. Yes some school officials become uniform Nazis measuring skirts and sending kids home for things like a label showing or the wrong color thread used for a repair. Some people take everything too far. This is still a great idea.

  • Yes. i believe boys and girls should wear uniforms.

    Yes. I believe boys and girls should wear uniforms, because today's fashions are to revealing. Young teens, and their raging hormones are not emotional capable of handling those types of situations. Which leads to all sorts of problems such as teenage pregnancy. Boys and girls should wearing uniforms will help alleviate those risk.

  • Uniforms Are Good

    I think that uniforms are good for boys and girls. I think this because uniforms help students to see that school is like a job and not a social setting. It helps the school to have a professional image as well as more professional behavior. I think uniforms are good.

  • I think that boys and girls need to wear official school uniforms when they go to school.

    I think that boys and girls need to wear official school uniforms
    when they go to school. This would be
    more professional. I think that this
    would also be good practice for them for when they enter the business world,
    where they will usually have to wear some sort of uniform or have a dress code.

  • For School Yes

    I believe schools should seek to provide the best environment for learner. Since uniforms can help create a neutral environment, I think it is best for boys and girls to wear uniforms. I believe the benefits of this practice far outweigh the pitfalls. While some may worry about their child's individuality, they can always wear what they want in the evening or on weekends.

  • Yes they should.

    Boys and girls should wear uniforms in school. School uniforms for both boys and girls will help cut down on the distractions of revealing clothing and many other things. Schools that have required uniforms show that they have higher test scores then schools who do not have required uniforms for students.

  • Yes, boys and girls should wear school uniforms.

    What children wear to school is often a source of ridicule, or can lead to cliques. It helps the rich and poor kids see differences between one another. As someone who didn't wear new clothes, I was sometimes made fun of by other students. I think that school uniforms would help to put all students on level ground with one another, and remove one of the factors that can lead to school bullying and segregation.

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  • No they should not.

    Boys and girls in school or in general should not have to wear uniforms. It takes away their creativity and does not allow them to dress the way that appeals to them taking away a piece of their image. It is a bad way to force children to conform and not think on their own.

  • Yes they should

    If students in particularly violent high schools like some in Oakland wear uniforms, this would reduce gang violence. Also, students spend too much time looking at what other children are wearing, or bullying them because they don't have fancy clothes. Bullying is a very big problem in most schools, and this would help stop it.

  • No they shouldn't

    If students wear uniforms then they cant express them self. Students will look the same and they will worried how they look and they will laugh about how other students look. Its not a good practice for students to wear a uniform. Boys and girls should not wear uniforms in school because they will make their parents to waste more money in their uniforms.

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