• Yes, it's a great skill to have

    I love cooking and it's not some secret I hide in fear of losing my masculinity. Being able to cook for yourself saves a staggering amount of money over constantly ordering out, it can impress people, it's genuinely fun and it just tastes better! There are enough world class male chefs out there that this really shouldn't be an issue anymore, there is zero shame in knowing what to do in a kitchen.

  • Yes, boys should learn to cook

    I believe that if boys learn how to cook they can gain a bigger appreciation for food and see how it would like to be if you were to live by yourself and cook for yourself. Cooking can help you gain creativity and prepare yourself for the life of an adult.

  • Boys and men need to know how to feed themselves

    Yes, boys certainly need to learn to cook. They don't have to be great at it like professional chefs, but they do have to be able to feed themselves. What's the alternative? Always eating out? Always relying on a woman? That's plain pathetic. A man who stays hungry because he can't fry an egg is not a real man.

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