• Yes, Brazil needs to protect the population including members of the LGBT community, who far too often are targeted.

    Yes, Brazil and every nation needs to take extra measures to protect members of the LGBT community, because often these individuals are misunderstood and targeted. Until society as a whole becomes tolerant, loving, and accepting of different expressions, it's important to protect those who are being bullied, harassed, and endangered simply for being who they are.

  • Yes, Brazil must protect all of its citizens.

    Yes, Brazil should do more to protect its LGBT citizens. I believe that every individual, no matter what their sexual orientation, has the right to be safe. Brazil should protect its LGBT community members because they are often unjustly endangered, and are at a high risk of injury or assault. They deserve better, and the government is responsible for their safety.

  • Yes, Brazil should do more to protect the LGBT community

    Brazil needs to do more to protect the LGBT community. Many in the LGBT community still face discrimination in several countries around the world. Governments must do more to ensure equal rights and protections for all. Furthermore, the LGBT community faces violent threats in addition to wide-spread discrimination. In short, the country of Brazil must do more to protect all its citizens from violence and discrimination.

  • Yes, Brazil should do much more to protect members of the LGBT community than it does.

    Yes, Brazil needs to do a lot more to protect members of the LGBT community. Despite the fact that the country has 44 percent of all of the violence against LGBT people in the world occur within its borders, the government recently voted down an anti-discrimination bill that would have protected LGBT people.

  • No. We don't need "protecting".

    People are rational and strong beings. We (and I say this as a person who is forcibly put into the LGBT community by liberal fuckwits) have the capacity to accept silly, offhand comments by people with unaccepting views. I do not sit in the corner and get depressed because of something that someone said or did - I for one do not sit in fear after watching Muslims continuously hate on the gay community (*cough* I'm homosexual). We, individuals within the LGBT community, are not oppressed. We can do whatever a cisgender, white, heterosexual male can - no issue. Let's stop this retarded liberal-left philosophy and let us be strong, rational individuals.

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