Should bullies be charged with murder if their victims commit suicide?

  • Yes yes yes

    Bullies are responsible for their own words and/or actions. If someone kills themselves because of their mean words, well so be it. Bullies should be charged for the wrong that they have done just as Murderers should be charged for anyone they kill. I wish we didn't need to use fifty words...

  • A resounding yes

    In many cases, the victim doesn't even consider suicide prior to the bullying. As the bully caused the victim to take sper own life through the bully's actions, there is no way that such instances can be considered as anything other than murder on the part of the bully. Therefore, bullies should be charged with murder if their victims commit suicide.

  • Bullies Can Be Harsh and Ignorant

    I believe that bullies can be extremely harsh and inconsiderate and ignorant of other people's lives and problems. Bullies can dictate whether you have suicidal thoughts or just thoughts of self harm at the end of the day, and whether or not you truly want to act on those thoughts or not may also be dictated by them. Bullies, depending on how harsh or how much they harassed their victim, should in fact be charged with murder.

  • Punish the cause

    Regardless of whether or not they meant for the person to kill themselves it happens. If I accidentally kill someone with my car I should be held responsible even though it was unintentional. That bad part is that bullies know that people commit suicide sometimes and don't stop, that seems equal, if not worse to vehicular manslaughter

  • Bullies will hope you vote "No"

    This is ultimately what bullying is: trying to kill someone without "killing" them; causing death and injury while feeling that they can't be blamed because their hands are clean. To all the idiots voting "No", if I tortured you, then tortured your kids/spouse (in order to "get to you"), made your life unbearable on a daily basis, drove you to kill yourself (if you think you're strong enough to resist it, you've probably never been TRULY bullied) ...

    ... AND THEN, at the end of all that, I justified it and got away with it because, after all, I didn't do it, you did to yourself, what would you think? Bullies who drive someone to suicide are nothing more than cowardly murderers who want a clean conscience.

  • Well, yes, responsibility should be implemented

    Yes, actions of an idiot should still be considered an action bound by law. We can toss the blame around, it's the parents, it's the media, it's the society, it's the world we live in, it's the situation at home. The whole point of law is to remove human scum from the society, because they are not fitting to live among us (well in America it's the profit from prisons), bullies are directly responsible for the suicide of that person. Bullies also doesn't have to be a children, in life there are racists, bigots, religious freaks that bully others, child beaters, wife beaters, psychological bullies as well. SO YES, they are to be responsible

  • What i think

    I think that bullies should get some type of punishment if the person tht they bully commits suicide because of them. Bullying can cause people to commite suicide because they get tired of the teasing and think that their not needed in the world. Bullies cause suicide and suicide is just like murder.

  • Effects of bullying

    This is all from experience and I want to prevent this from happening to anyone else. I cut because of bullies. I starve because of bullies. I don't want this to happen to anyone else so bullies should be charged for those to things. The big problem is suicide. Now I have tried this several times from what bullies say to me. I never go through with it but I shouldn't even have to try. Nor should others. Unfortunately a great number of people do succeed with suicide. Most is because of bullying. This is murder. You have killed someone. You may not have tied the rope around their neck but you killed them inside. Please we have to put a stop to bullying. It doesn't make you "cool" or "popular". It makes you someone with no life except to bully. I'm not saying any of this for attention. I'm trying this hoping someone who might have said something hurtful to someone can read this, see what can happen and go and apologize.

  • Of Course they should.

    If someone is bulling someone else and the victim self harms or commits suicide they should get some sort of punishment because they basically stabbed every last bit out of the victim with there hurtful words and they get the victims believing every single word that comes out there sick mouth so the victim there self's believe there some sort of ugly, fat idiot but there really the good guy who's pretty much been brainwashed. Bullies these days are not getting better and people need to realise it putting up a sign around school saying no bulling is useless !! Bullying isn't going to get better. Bullies need to be taught a lesson! I am a 14 year old girl and I know bullying is bad and it needs to be stopped now ! I just wish people in high authorities will get that and actually do something and not make power points and posters that do nothing !!

  • I really think.

    Bullying is bullying. Kids know that their words are hurtful. They should be held accountable for their actions. Maybe then we wouldn't have so many bully's if they start getting charged. The world needs to change even if it means arresting teenagers for bullying. Something has to give. Family's don't deserve to lose their kid cause someone else s wants to verbally hurt them.

  • It is not murder!

    Murder is when someone sets out to kill somebody and is successful! Bullying is to cause someone emotional torment. If the victim chooses to end their life, it's the victims decision. Bullying should be treated as harassment, assault ans other legal phases. Saying suicidal bullying is murder is a poor definition.

    & please don't confuse blackmail and bullying. For example, if they don't kill themselves, information or another person will be harmed.

  • In my opinion, this is a dumb question

    Unless the bully got their hands on a mind-control device, each individual is still responsible for their own actions. If I commit suicide because my wife left me, should she get charged for murder? If I kill myself because I lost my job, can my wife sue my ex-employer? What happened to personal responsibility? People who vote yes should think long and hard about the choices they have made in their own life rather than blame something/somebody else.

  • What is the very definition of suicide?

    Although i sympathize with people who commit suicide, I am firm in believing they made their choice. They chose to kill themselves, no one else could make that decision for them. It may be an extremely difficult choice to make but it's a choice nonetheless. It is not murder. Everyone who has ever fought for their life at the hands of someone else would be extremely insulted by calling suicide murder. In America we have freedom of speech. Bullies have the right to say whatever they want to you. You have the right to do the same. I know parents of suicide victims push for this but I am sorry to tell them that the only person responsible for their child's death is their child. Their may be other factors that contribute to it but the child killed themselves. It's like saying rape victims are partially responsible for dressing slutty. Nope. It is the fault of the person who did the violent action. Just like it's the fault of the person who took their own life.

  • No the person still took their own life; Plus how would anyone say anything?

    The person still took their own life. Charge the bully with harrassment and assault and battery if appropriate. The problem with calling this murder is what counts as bullying? It has to be defined in a way that can be discerned without any guesswork involved or else you are entrapping people into committing the offense. If you base it on the victim then oversensitive people will commit suicide over deserved social criticism and people will go to jail for 'murdering' them.

  • Charging bullies with murder overloads them with guilt and they can't do anything to change themselves, There still should be a penalty, Serving.

    When a child commits suicide it hurts those people around them, sometimes this hits the bullies that drove them to it home, sometimes not. If you charge the ones that are already remorseful about the death of the victim with murder, you take away most of their life, they don't have a chance to change.
    Still I think that the bullies should pay for it, but not by serving time, but by serving others.

  • It is not murder

    Murder is when you deliberately set about to kill someone and successfully kill them. Bullies certainly don't do that. At the absolute worst they could be charged with man slaughter. But even then their actions did not cause the person to kill the,elves. They chose to kill the,selves by their own hand.

  • No, they should be charged for the offence they have committed.

    They should be charged with harassment charges and also anything else to follow that. However they should not be charged with murder as they did not PHYSICALLY INTEND to kill their victim. And their action may have led to emotional damage to the victim which led them to suicide however that cannot be blamed on the bully.

  • Murder, Usually Not. Reckless Endangerment Leading to Death, Probably

    It depends on the precise circumstances surrounding the suicide of the target. AFAIK, Murder necessitates an intent to take another's life, which almost always is not the case. I can see, however, legitimate grounds in some circumstances for charging bullies with Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, or Reckless Endangerment (especially Reckless Endangerment Leading to Death, where such legal prohibitions are present).

  • No they shouldn't, hear me out.

    Of course bullying is wrong and immoral, and of course bullies should be punished for their actions. But what I don't think should happen is charge them with "murder." Unless a bully went directly up to their victim and physically killed them, then bullying to the point of suicide is not murder. If a victim of bullying commits suicide due to bullying, then it is in fact, the choice of the victim to take their life. Now hang on, of course bullying is a factor that led to their decision of committing suicide, I'm not denying that, but unless a bully physically did something to kill their victim, they have not committed a murder.

    With that said, I do think that their should be punishments for bullying and heavier punishments if the bullying led to the victim committing suicide, but the charge should not be murder. It should be something else that falls under the category of bullying and not murder. Yes, bullying is bad. Yes, bullies SHOULD be punished whether their victim commits suicide or not, BUT, murder is in fact, not the correct charge that should be used.

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