• Yes they should....

    Bullies can cause death to humans witch could reduce the human race. Lets say that you are a bullie and you have made fun of someone for years. Then you decided to go over the line and tell the kid to kill him self. The next day you find yourself guilty in your room thinking of what you have done. Suicide causes 4,400 deaths per year about.

  • Bulling is a crime and they should be punish as such

    Yes, bulling is wrong just as stealing is wrong. We punish people for stealing and bulling is stealing the dignity and respect of another. There should be repercussions and consequences to wrong actions, and bulling is definitely wrong. If punishments were given for those that practice bulling, less bulling would occur.

  • Yes they should

    My younger sister was a victim of bullying and they went as far as telling her to kill herself. Bullying is much more sever than people make it out to be. It's not something that is harmless in fact it is far from. It can cause self loathing, depression, stress, and suicidal thoughts and/or tendencies. You can't intentionally insult an individual over and over again day after day and not suffer any consequences and you can't cry Freedom Of Speech when you get accused. You don't have the right to verbally/physically harass and/or abuse another person. It's assault. Hate Speech is what it can be considered. Verbally/physically attacking another human being as a form of amusement and encouraging suicide by telling them to go die should not be brushed off as something minor. Open your eyes and see the real trauma bullying can cause and stop blaming mental disorders. I guarantee you that if suicide victims who happened to be bullied wouldn't have taken their life if bullying wasn't a factor. It is.

  • It is not harmless

    Being someone who has been bullied in the past to the point of being suicidal, depressed, and anxious , I think that bullying needs to be addressed more severely so that the bullies actually STOP. Just telling them to stop isn't going to do anything to change their actions. What might help is if they can understand what they did to someone else.

  • The punishment of bullies is justice.

    When one does something wrong, there must be a consequence. Sure people may say "They are only children." or that "Everyone deserves a chance.". However, the suicide rates due to bullying are increasing rapidly. These deaths would not be caused without bullies. Bullying leads to trouble,in harsh situations, even death. We must punish bullies severely so that justice can be formed.

  • Yes, they can traumatize their victims.

    Bullying, when taken to an extreme, may traumatize the victim. If not, the person will still feel bitter towards this, and it will affect their ability to communicate with others. This could ruin their future relationships, if they have any. So yes, just like any crime, bullying should be punished.

  • Yes.

    Bullies should and are often punished for their behavior, whether it is by their parents or by the school. Depending on the level of bullying they should be given suspensions, detentions, or other such punishments. The main problem though is that most of the time those that are bullied are too scared to report their bullies, for fear that the bullying will just get worse.

  • Of course

    Bullies who physically and mentally abuse weaker individuals are a buffer towards social and physical development/order- not to mention that to assault other children is abominable and should be dealt with in the same manner of seriousness as other assault-related crimes in adult society. Freedom of speech is good in a responsible and intelligent society, but children have not quite reached this stage and should not be deemed responsible enough with it when it can be a tool for bullying that has, in many cases, caused child suicides.

  • Yes, bullies should face punishment.

    Bullying has been seen in the past as a kind of "tradition" that all kids will face and eventually grow out of without adult intervention, but that view overlooks the serious emotional harm that bullying can cause. Many children grow up to have lasting issues, particularly where self-image is concerned, and adults need to take a serious stance towards the issue. By punishing bullies, it demonstrates that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Yes, bullies need to be punished.

    Yes, bullies terrorize and insight fear in their victims. They use the fact that they will never be told on and if caught they will not be punished as a means of bullying their victims. It is no longer an issue of the victim being tough and stand up to the bully. As more drastic actions are taken by the bullies, we as a society, need to do more to show bullies that their action will not be tolerated and they can not use fear to exploit others to satisfy their needs for attention or their twisted warp jollies.

  • NO! They should not!

    Would you like to be sent to jail for name calling? Kids from all over the world are teasing each other. There is a better way to end bullying. Bullies should look for help. Many people bully because something bad is happening them. Maybe their house burned and they lost their precious items. Maybe they lost a relative who passed away. Who knows? They probably have been bullied as well. JUST THINK ABOUT IT. Perhaps even you have been a bully before.

    Some bullies come from families where everyone is angry and shouting all the time. They may think that being angry, calling names, and pushing people around is a normal way to act. Some bullies are copying what they've seen someone else do. Some have been bullied themselves. Bullies may not really know how hurtful their actions can be.

  • NO! They should not be punished.

    They should not be punished because there must be something going on at home making them being a bully. Something like one of there relatives must have passed away or they might be stressed. Also, I think they don't need to get punished, instead they should need help by someone like a teacher.

  • They are young

    They are still young still bendable still able to learn dont punish them give them a chance CHANGE THEM put effort to change them so they can contribute to our society because the more you punish them the more there is hate the more it is hard to change . Sometimes bullies are influenced on how they are treated at home maybe their parents are very strict and disciplined so take time to know thier story befor you decide to criminalize them

  • They need treatment instead of punishment

    They're only bullies because of how they are treated at home or even you inspired them to be a bully. Think about it. You could have deserted them and they felt betrayed and bully other people just to relieve their stress. Nevertheless, if the bully is punished all the more will he bully other people to feel good with himself.

  • Noooo just no

    I am a bully so i think they shouldnt be punished because i am a bully bullying is fun you would now if you were me so yeah bullying should not be punished because i dont want to be punished because i called a kid stupid. Dumbest thing ever invented!!!

  • It causes hate

    It makes them mad at you and that gives them more power trust me i win ha jerks ha ha winner w i n n e r i win you lose ha losers lol shrug i got dat $ $ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $ $$ $ $

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  • No. They should not be punished.

    They should not be punished because there istill young.. They go to school to learn. We all know that there bullies is everywere getting bully is part of our growing up.. Its testing how strong ou hear and self.. Because the more you give them a punisement the more they want to bully them

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