• Bullies should receive harsher punishment

    Bullies should be criminally punished , there is no reason why they should get away with this. It is about time that our government should pass serious laws to hold this kind of behavior as a crime and punishable. And if the school system is aware of such bullying and do not do anything about this, then the school officials should be fired and fined. Teachers are not only responsible in educating our kids but they are also responsible that these kids are in a safe environment when attending school. I even dare to say that even the parents of the bullies should be held accountable for their kids behavior when it comes to bullying. It totally frustrates me that bullying still occurs in school and in the cybernet. This has to come to an end now!!!!!!

  • Stomp Out Bullies

    Bullies are individual children who have decided to disregard not only the Golden Rule but basic human dignity and respect for others. They should not be treated the same, they should have much harsher punishments come down on them, make it very clear that if you're a bully, you're life is going to end up sucking worse than how bad you make it for somebody else. There can be no tolerance for it whatsoever, bullies get away with enough as it is and even when punished, it's a mere slap on the wrist. Nothing is ever really done these days, and it's sad.

  • Go beyond detention.

    Bullies, from my perspective, are those who had suffered from bullying or people who aren't confident with themselves. Thus, by discouraging and putting down others (ultimately preventing them from improving), they feel that they've gotten rid of the tension and disappointment inside of their chest. For those of you who think that detention is enough, I agree in a way. However, detention will only have the most impact on those people who didn't know at the time that they were bullying, and as a result, they feel bad about it and want to have a second chance. But bullies who act just for the fun of it won't stop just by sitting quietly in a room with a teacher watching over them. They need a harsher punishment which will reach under the many layers of pain, ignorance, or bad influences and teach them what is right.

  • Yes, Bullies need to be stopped with harsher punishments

    The problem of bullying does not seem to be going away. Harsher punishments need to be a reality for every bully so they understand that bullying is not a game. Real people are hurt and suffering physically and emotionally. If harsher punishments were in place the bullying could be stopped before it even started. I know first hand that schools are starting programs in elementary school to teach about the effects of bullying, but unfortunately a trip to the office and no recess or being isolated during lunch is just not enough to stop the problem. Children seem to have short attention spans and need to be reminded every day that bullying is wrong but the fact is they aren't told everyday. This is why to wake up call has to come in the form of harsher punishment.

  • Yes, Bullies Should Receive Harsher Punishments

    Most bullies are being given slaps on their wrists, even for their participation in harassment that has caused others to end their lives. Bullies should receive harsher punishments because they should be made to take some responsibility for their actions that have caused harm to others. If they are not given harsher punishment, it sends them a direct message that they are free to hurt others without fear of retribution. The punishment they currently receive is like a joke to most of them.

  • Help stop bullying

    Help stop bullying we all need to stop bullying if there is no bullying there killing rates will drop down and less people wont be getting shot are even killed so help stop now its just a good thing to do if you see bullying shut it down okay !

  • People are dying because ofbulying

    6.8 million students from ages 12 - 18 are bullied every year.77% of students are bullied mentally,physically and verbally.A child is bullied every 7 minutes.There are 4,400 deaths related to bullying each year.There are at least 100 suicide attempt for every suicide among young people.Over 14% of highschool students consider suicide.7% have attempted it. 1 Out of 20 students have seen another student with a gun in school.Look at the numbers.

  • Of course they do!

    I was bullied in 2nd and 7th grade. I was scared to report it because when kids did, the bullies would get suspended for two or three days, come back, and become more angry and aggressive to people who reported them, expanding the bullying behavior, and adding more kids to the circle of who they are going to pick on. I Reiner that horrible feeling I would get after they would verbally bully me. This needs to be stopped. I don't want other people to go through what I did. These punishments do not work, speaking from experience. They must be harsher.

  • Bullying hurts people

    I was bullied for my looks the was i was a olive skin tone and my mom was white. I was bullied because i need braces. Also because i wear glasses. Me and my friends were bullied a lot during elementary school. I was different so i was always bullied. It is not okay.

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  • The Real Problem is Child Abuse

    These are children. They have a lot of learning to do, and most bullies become bullies because of what they experience at home. Bullies should receive mandatory counseling and should be encouraged to be completely honest about any problems at home. If parents threaten them for telling on abuse they should be told they will be offered police protection. The problem underneath bullying is child abuse, or at times attempts to conform to other students they see bullying.
    Bullies still need to be held responsible for their actions, so detention, Saturday school, and ultimately criminal responsibility if the bullying involves something that falls under criminal law like assault and battery and if the victim presses charges (activity at school is not above the law) are needed.

    Bullying is one of many reasons why ultimately we should do away with in-person public schools and replace them with online schools.

  • NO NO NO to harsher consequences

    Bullies may hurt and talk rudely to people but 99% of people do that just to get attention or maybe have a crush on that person 50% of the bully's have problems at home and take it out on people at school so i don't think they should be harsher consequences

  • Bullying is Not Necessarily Bad.

    I would first like to start out by saying any physical attack or physical threat should not be tolerated, as I believe that the act of hurting an individual, forcing an individual to do something, or threatening an individual is not bullying, it is worse than bullying. So, now you may wonder, what do you believe is bullying? I say to you this, bullying is the excessive insulting, teasing, disrespecting, ignoring, excluding, and spreading rumors without a great reason. A great reason would be, retaliation for something similarly done to them, the other person instigating it, as in they irritate or annoy excessively, and in the case of ignoring if they are of a feuding family or oppose one of your morals. Now that I have defined what I feel what bullying really is I would like to talk about what benefits a person may have from being bullied and the punishments the bully already has. A person who has been bullied typically builds stronger friendships as they rely on their friends to help them and later take that with them through their life. A person who has been bullied builds a better sense of self, as they are bullied they defy the bully by developing a strong sense of self worth and self respect. People who are bullied have better character, as they an empathize with those in pain. People who have been bullied have a higher ambition, they strive to be better to show the bully it doesn't matter what they think, because they are better. Moving on to punishments in place for bullies already. First of all, bullying is generally looked down upon by society today already, this is an informal punishment, but it is very thorough. Next most bullies will be punished by having forms of detention, suspension, and other punishments school systems have for delinquents.

  • Detention Is Enough

    Bullies already get punished enough. In fact, when they bully people, they are only discarding their own insecurities onto the people they are bullying. I feel detention, Saturday school, and all the other methods of punishment the bullies already incur when they perform such acts is more than enough to me.

  • Bullies Should Not Be Legally Punished

    Bullies should receive a punishment from the school or the district not the legal system. Schools should enforce more bullying rules and if there was a law no one would follow it anyway. The law is not incharge of punishment and the school needs to crack down and be more strict about what bullying happens at school and it should be zero.

  • Bullying other kids is wrong

    I think bullies should be suspended for 12 weeks because it's not right for bullies to treat them like that what if the bully victims did the same to the bullyers and they didn't get in trouble for dishing back what they deserved to the other bullies it's not cool don't bully people

  • This is homework...

    There should be harsher punishments for bullying because, bullying is a crime, kids that bully are expected to be become a criminal by the age of 24, and children have to learn that bullying is not the way to gain attention. Bullying or harassment will get attention, but not the good kind.

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  • Bully's have a hard home life too

    Bully's usallly get there bullying from there parents bullying is wrong don't get me wrong because my autistic sister is bulllyed and it's hard for her but what she doesn't understand is that bully's have a hard home life too and most of them get bullied too stop bullying but they don't deserved to be abused 😿

  • I guess they should but,......

    Bullies should get punishments depending on what they did, and how long, and how much harm is caused by his/her acts to the child he or she bullied so. I guess its yes and a no kinda thing like someone mentioned above in the no section its cuz sometimes there is kinda a bad environment at home the take it out at others ,or just to get attention

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