• Assault and battery by any other name...

    Bullying is by the most fundamental definition a crime...Assault and battery! Battery (verbal abuse) Assault (physical abuse). Not only should it be illegal...It technically IS! Also, it is morally wrong to forcibly impose your will onto other people. Since most bullying begin at childhood, we as a people should be more vigilant in protecting our youth.

  • Bullying should be illegal

    As a student myself, I have seen bullying quite often. The main problem is that even after I report them, it still seems to be the same bullies and the same victims. This proves that the current punishment is not enough. Suspension, sometimes expulsion from schools isn't enough and there needs to be a more severe punishment. Just giving bullies a week or two of jail time would be sufficient to stop them from doing it again.

  • Bullying should be illegal

    As a student myself, I have experienced bullying and it sucks. Just walking around the hallways I can hear people insulting or ridiculing others. I have informed the teachers of these acts, the bully(s) apologize to the victim, however it does not change their behavior. It gets even worse now with technology and the internet. The victims cannot get away from it, and are usually scared to tell somebody about it. The punishments just aren't stopping this, and it needs to become more severe. Even a week of jail time would surely stop bullies.

  • Ban bullying now

    I think bullying should be banned and illegal because this kills people and some dont realize it it is assult and incorrect stop it right now!! People dont need this people have enough stress and anxiety its happened to me and its so wrong i have been to the hospital and i have had anxiety attacks ive passed out and everything just stopp

  • It's already illegal.

    I believe the word you are looking for is called harassment. It's what we used to call bullying, before bullying became such a hot buzzword. Harassment is illegal and in some cases can even be a felony. What we need to do is campaign to get police and prosecutors to more aggressively investigate such crimes.

  • Stop it all!

    Bullying should be illegal for many,many reasons. It has caused many teens to commit suicide and other types of harm. It also affects education within school as students who suffer from it tend to become depressed and also cause anxiety. Bullying is a disease, that causes more and more diseases

  • Well yes it should.

    Bullying should be illegal because it damages most people physically, emotionally, and even mentally. The problem with that though is how could they completely get rid of bullying. Even if it was illegal a lot of people would still do it. Another problem also arises. When people are bullied most of them are scared to where they won't report the person bullying them. They are afraid it will get even worse and that if they do report them the bully will know it was them. They feel as if they are emotionally, and mentally trapped in a world they cannot escape and sometimes this can lead to serious problems. This can lead to self-harm or even suicide. I have been being bullied for the last 2 months but I just reported them and it is a big relief on me. I was cutting myself badly and even thinking about suicide. It helped drive away the girl I love. She is the reason I reported them so that I can get her back. Hopefully she gives me another chance soon. Either way bullying needs to stop because it is affecting our society in a bad way. It affects the person being bullied and even the person doing the bullying.

  • It is Wrong

    If abuse is illegal and bullying is abuse why shouldn't bullying be illegal. I personally experienced bullying and I didn't like it at all. Why do we justify adults who do pretty much the same thing and we don't justify bullies. In my county you can file charges against bullies and if I can do that than bullying should be illegal.

  • They need to go to prison

    This is how the FEDERAL anti-bullying law would look like:
    Those convicted of bullying, and this affects every kid six or older, would be transferred to a juvenile hall facility for a term of five years, and if that sentence just so happens to extend beyond your eighteenth birthday, you are to be taken to an adult prison to serve a term of fifteen years, that law would probably deter a lot of people from bullying

  • Bullying should be illegal for sure

    I think that bullying should be classed as a form of murder for people who commit suicide from being bullied I myself have been bullied to the point were I wanted to end my life but thought that it wasn't worth it because it would make the person who was bullying me happy, I couldn't do it and I think that it is a waste of time for people who do bully and they should be charged for murder because it is

  • That's like saying should we ban something as vague as terrorism

    It becomes a catch word just as easily. Now simply making fun of someone is bullying. Yes it's wrong, but it's also wrong to continue this neurotic fragilization of our already fragile society. What kids need is not another fear-induced created value jammed down their throats, they need something they can live for, and it all starts with finding something to live for.

  • Might as well ban sex.

    I don't know how many times I will have to reiterate this point, but bullying is a natural human behavior that is derived from the hierarchical social structure that we live in. People will naturally want to get to the top, and many-a-times that will involve bullying your way to get there. If you make bullying illegal, it won't do anything to stop it, and will just make it a taboo thing that will give rise to even MORE rebellious teens.

  • There's no need

    Bullying isn't a singular thing. It's a general idea of forcing your way onto someone else. If you do this with physical violence, then you are punishable by law for assault. If you steal someone's money (as shown in the picture), you are punishable by law for stealing. If it's dome by merely verbal means, then it would be over regulation by the government to deal punishment except in extreme cases (including racism and things of the sort). Basically, there's no need.

  • Unrealistic and a bit radical

    Bullying is categorized into different levels and methods. It is most focused on adolescents and children. Of course, all bullying is bad, but it can't be eliminated completely. Most people are bullies, obviously on different levels, but we all harass another person in some way. Physical bullying is the most intolerable, however some of the other methods are just as hurtful. In the end, bullying is part of growing up to me. It tests you to express individuality and gives you a mental backbone.

  • Only if it's Physical

    In most cases, physical bullying is already illegal. Assault/battery, sexual assault, and other physical attacks are already illegal, therefore making physical bullying illegal. Verbal abuse should not be illegal for a multitude of reasons, the most important of which being the 1st Amendment. You may not like what others have to say, but they have the right to say it. If it's slanderous, that is grounds for a lawsuit. If verbal bullying is severe enough, it can be taken to court. Not only this, but many people confuse "bullying" with constructive criticism, or just plain messing around. Making that illegal would only further the degeneration of society, making people weak.

  • Little kids go home crying

    Thanks to bullies, now kids do not want to go to school and become smart. They just sit around and become dumb because they are afraid of going to school. How would you like to be nailed to the lockers asked for your lunch money every day. I hate Bullies

  • Little kids go home crying

    Thanks to bullies, now kids do not want to go to school and become smart. They just sit around and become dumb because they are afraid of going to school. How would you like to be nailed to the lockers asked for your lunch money every day. I hate Bullies

  • No not at all

    First, has bullying become an excuse for individuals taking actions against each other? In a recent stabbing at a school bus stop in Florida for example, the attacker accused the person he stabbed of having bullied him, even though the stabbing victim had no weapon. Hat is interesting about the concept of bullying is the fact that very often it is difficult to prove that someone was not bullied.

  • Even though bullying is a terrible thing, its the parents and the educators job to stop it!

    Involving the government will do no good. It is the job of our parents and educators to stop bullying. Do we want our children to grow up in a world where the "government" solves all your problems? What if they cannot? Our children will be defenseless and will not know to protect themselves. Furthermore, the educators are trained to deal with these situations. They know how to solve it better than anyone, and if they're not, maybe the parents should do something about it.

  • Hope everyone who voted Yes is ready for jail!

    Bullying is a concept relative to the perception of the victim. Every person is guilty of being a perpetrator of bullying at some point in their lives whether they know it or not. All it takes is for someone to misinterpret your thoughts or actions and bam... You're a perpetrator. For those of you who do like the idea of living in a society free from thought crime, I would suggest looking for one that is not a democracy.
    Just to clarify, I am currently being quite badly bullied by my children's school, do they even know they are doing it? Probably not. Are they discriminating against me because I have ADHD with sever symptoms currently due to my PTSD, yes they are. What have I done to deal with it? Removed myself from the situation that is triggering me, until I can rebuild to the point of dealing with the issue. There is a way of dealing with bullying that could help to almost aliviate the problem, but this action is completely counterintuitive.

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