Should bullying in high schools, grade schools and middle schools be illegal?

  • Make bullying punished corporally

    In front of a live audience to demonstrate what happens to people who do it. And also make the victims be the one to carry it out against the bully. This will give them the notion of what it feels like, and at x10 for maximum effect. Plus, given this idea, the world may finally be free from it.

  • I've Been Bullied

    From 2nd grade up until 10th grade I was being bullied, and picked on by the teachers I am now 20 years old and have not been bullied since then it does end eventually. I am proud to say that it has finally stopped because if it didnt I have no idea what would have happened or where I would be today

  • Yes it should be illegal.

    To many kids each day are pushed around, called names, and made fun of. This is not a joking matter! If people want to be mean or maybe even physically aggressive toward others, then i believe those people need to be prepared for the consequence that comes along with it. You don't shouldn't just be let off the hook for it. Children today are killing themselves because of bullying. It needs to stop! -Chris. 8'th Grade

  • Yes, it should be illegal

    I was a victim of bullying. It is not right to treat someone with such disrespect based on their religion, race, or beliefs. I think Bullying should be illegal, but is would take time for bullies to realize how serious it is to actually be arrested and claimed guilty for the crime.

  • Some kids kill there self from bullying

    Tell an someone that can help you solve the promble and stay away from them and stay out of trouble
    when you see someone get bullied you stand up for them and be kind and be a leader and respect others and STOMP OUT BULLYING!!
    And be against bullying . Be nice to others

  • Legal or illegal, does it matter? It has to stop!

    I see the effects of bullying every day in young people in my work as young as 8 years. Anxiety, low self esteem, school refusal, depression, self harm and suicide. Making bullying illegal would not necessarily stop this. Peer bunter in schools is considered as fun and part of everyday life. There is a thin line between a joke and bullying. In my opinion if it causes offence and the other party gets upset then this is bullying. More so if the bully continues with the joke. It often helps if young people have the confidence and maturity to laugh at other peoples bunter without getting emotionally involved and just learning to get on with their lives without caring what everyone has to say to them. A young persons development would be hindered with ongoing abuse (at home or at school) and would struggle to achieve this milestone without the support of his/her family, friends and sometimes professionals. I am more worry though about the bullies themselves. Their actions evidence their insecurities and their low self esteem. They also need help to overcome this sickness in their soul to which would help them for feeling sorry for themselves when they grow to be adults.

  • It should be illegal

    Because it hurts you, and you cant live your own life. It feels really annoying when it happens to you, and it can bruise and scar you for the rest of your life. And what's the point for you not to have a nice life? It really hurst your skin, hurts your life and you don't feel confident to have a good future. Evan 8 years

  • You don't have the right to ruin someone else's life

    They need bullying to toughen them up? Yeah, that's not a thing. If you've studied psychology, you'd know about learned helplessness. That might explain the suicides, depression, and traumatized lives that all occur because of bullying. No one asks to exist. People should be able to look back on their younger days fondly. You only live once, and not for long. Other people shouldn't have the ability to take that time away from you. Whole lives get wasted because of bullying. People get ruined. Not tough.

  • You don't have the right to ruin someone else's life

    People need bullying to toughen them up? Yeah, that's not a thing. Learned helplessness is though. People are influenced by what their peers think of them, and even if what they're saying is inaccurate, the victim isn't going to realize that. Committing or attempting suicide, being traumatized for the rest of your life, and experiencing severe depression is not my idea of being toughened up. And saying you were bullied doesn't mean you can speak for the experiences of everyone else who gets bullied.

  • Bullying causes suicide

    Ok, for starters a lot of children suicide for being bullied and yet that is NOT enough for some people to make it illegal? Plus so many schools are against it. I just don't understand why they don't make it illegal. I mean, bullying someone so much that they suicide is pretty much assisted suicide.

  • Middle and High Schoolers are Not Adults

    People who go to high school and middle school are still not necessarily adults in the eyes of the law. I think that it is irrational to make bullying in these classes illegal. By making it illegal, we would be avoiding the root of the problem by "banning it." Instead, we should focus on smaller class sizes, more teachers, and building a more supportive community.

  • Bullying has taken on too broad of a meaning

    The word bullying used to apply to the kid on the school yard that beat you up for lunch money. Now, any name calling, or sarcastic remark can land someone the label of a bully. A certain amount of bullying, or at least friendly chiding, is good the a kid's future. If you can't overcome easy adversity in school, you're unprepared for real life.

  • Children s bring up

    As it's not always the child's fault on becoming a bully it's normally their parents fault on how they have been brought up. So if you were being abused at home you'd think it's the right thing to do as you get older you'll act more but will eventually get to know what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do. So it's not their fault!!!!

  • Making criminals out of kids that need help.

    There are many states that are outlawing bullying as a whole. This act is making the situation worse by raising a nation of “wimps”. This process will make criminals out of kids who bully others as an outlet to gain power, where at home they might be beaten or abused. Kids who bully are just children who need to feel in power because there is something in their lives that is taking it from them. The school systems should be more supportive of students that need help, instead of reprimanding them by law, they might just need counseling or just to talk to someone that can help.

  • Raising A Nation of Wimps

    Sweeping legislation won't fix this problem, it will turn ignorant children into criminals. Furthermore it will perpetuate an even more over-the-top response from the bullies. Violence in schools happens because bulling victims have no outlet. My generation settled things with their fists at the bike rack after school. Nobody died.

  • Bullying is horrendous

    But it is a family issue not a legal issue. Kids who bully are just that - KIDS. Their aggressive tendencies have more to do with poor parenting than with criminal leanings. It is parents who are bullies that can often teach their kids how to be great bullies. Teach the parents and the kids will learn.

  • I have been bullied

    Being bullied has made me grow stronger. Bullying is a way to get rid of the outliers that if left alone often break the law. If bullying stopped, people would stay obsessed with childish things and would not grow as a person. People are bullied for being stupid, does that make them give up on learning? More often than not, no, it makes them work harder to prove others wrong. If you do not have the strength to prove others wrong, why are you trying to make it illegal? If you want to see the type of people that support anti-bullying campaigns, look at the other side of this argument. Bad spelling and grammar are prevalent, which shows that they did not take enough from our education system, as there is even a spelling checker built in to this, on the same line as the submit button.

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