• Threatening and Unequal

    If a man was to go into a public place wearing a balaclava or a motorcycle helmet, he would be made to take it off. I don't think it is right for women to be an exception. Also, the covering of one's face can be frightening and threatening to those around them.

  • It is obscene

    Obscenity comes in many forms. Nudity for example is obscene and almost no supports lifting the nudity ban, not even on religious grounds. Sure, if you want (or your husband makes you) to wear it or wear nothing at all in the home or on private property, go ahead. The burka is disgusting (not the women, they are beautiful) and should not be allowed in public.

  • It isnt religious and supports rape and violence.

    The Burqa is not included in the Quran. Terrorism's main job it to spread fear and the burqa causes just that in society. Its not Islamophobic to ban civic unrest. The burqa is a extremist Islamic flag. Hiding one's face with an article of clothing that has the reputation of terrorism and not Islam needs to be banned. As for muslims expressing themselves the hijab is actually mentioned in the quran and it is a safe way, without covering one's face, to express religious beliefs.

  • Terrorist could hide behind them

    All Burkers should be banned immediately, it is a very worrying time for all of us and anyone can hide anything under them. It's time to stop pussy footing around them, I and am pretty sure most people feel very intimidated with people wearing them, terrorist are a real part of our lives now

  • It has absolutely nothing to do with the Qur'an

    There is no place in the Qur'an that says for women to wear the full-face burwa/niqab. They are misogynistic items of clothing designed and enforced by psychoticly bigoted men in Saudi Arabia. It legitimises rape- the 'logic' is that when faces are always covered, men (that being Muslim men) can't help but get so aroused that they rape the woman not wearing the face cover, and it is therefore the woman's fault. Is this something you want in a civilised society? It's not in any way religious, but even if it was, I think we all know if a Christian wanted to wear something equally bigoted and stupid, everyone would say no and if a Jew wanted to, a bunch of lefty politically correct students would probably bomb a Synagogue.

  • Yes it should be banned

    It should be banned world wide. The Muslim religion is still in the middle ages with this and how it treats women. It's not even in the Koran that women even have to wear it. If women have to wear it than so should the men. I'm getting tired of this crap.

  • At least in public.

    In Australia, you can't even walk into a bank wearing a hat because it conceals too much, so why should you be allowed to wear a burka, which only reveals eye slits. I have no problem if a person wants to wear one at his or her home, but definitely not in public.

  • Without A Doubt

    I could go on forever about this but I will keep it short and just list one simple reason:
    What really grates people is the contradictory laws in the UK (and maybe elsewhere, I dont know). A motorcyclist cannot walk into a Bank or Building Society with their helmet on, however Muslims CAN walk in with just a pair of eyes peeping through.
    Also I would like to point out that this is very 'Un-English'. We need to keep our country's heritage and our country needs to remain English. I am not anti-immagrant by any means. If a immigrant comes into the country and genuinely loves British culture and integrates into our society, they can speak the language and don't wear clothing that makes us intimidated in our own country, then it would be stupid not to welcome them. However, this needs to happen in organic numbers, rather than the rapid rate it has and is continuing to do so.
    Also agree with all reasons listed by 'sodoff'.
    Closing point to think about:
    Muhammed is now the second most common boys name in England and Wales.

  • It's Anti-Western, suppressive, creates fear, and dangerous when used in public

    Burkas make indentification very difficult. Criminals can use them to thieve, rape, and murder much easier as nobody can force them to remove them. Is that definately a woman behind that clothing? See a rapist could sneak into a womans loo using it to stay unindentified. An exam can be rigged by somebody with a burka to sit it for somebody else. If everyone used them it would be anarchy.

    Plus it is very uncivilized, anti-freedom, and anti-western. It's a tool used by domineering men to suppress their wives and children from the world and treat them like cattle, the mindset "she is for my eyes only". People may think its unfair to ban them but it's only as unfair as banning a nudist from walking around naked on the street. We don't allow that here and we should not tolerate this either. In our country we champion our views that women are treated as individuals and expressive with their bodies.

    Faces are particularly important as we can read emotions and expressions with them. The burka creates a wall in society which is unsettling and causes tension. People can feel uneasy around people wearing burkas no less than people feel uneasy around people who wear hoodies and balaclavas. We should have a society that is more friendly and together. Burkas obscure this and creates an invisible wall to community cohesion.

    For all these reasons we should ban this in all public places. Eg streets, schools, shops, ect. It shouldn't belong in our society.

  • No they are religious.

    I believe Burkas should not be banned as they are an ancient religious Religious custom that has been practiced for thousands of years. To ban them would be to infringe upon the religious rights of millions of people, plus there is no real foreseeable reason they should be banned as they do not cause any harm to anyone.

  • It should not be banned

    I don't think it is right to disrespect the Muslims culture in a way that can be racist to them. I think that banning the burka should not be an issue as it is a simple NO! We don't ban others for wearing cultural clothing so i don't think it should be a problem with Muslims.

  • They should be banned!

    Because if they commit crime no one will see them as well maybe a man wears a burqa (that's not allowed).. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • No its religious

    People don't have a right to say that the burqa should be banned because its part of the religion and we don't see people having negativity on other religion so why should we all go against Islam. Its a good thing a women wants to cover up people dress so revealing that it attracts people when they don't want to feel like this then why be so revealing. Its a good thing they want to wear it they are following their religion

  • No way, human rights still exist

    By banning the burqua as it is "oppressive", we are just oppressing the people who want to wear it even more. A large amount of people wear it as a choice. If it was a Christian thing, no offence but I bet nothing would be done about it. It's a piece of fabric. How is that dangerous?!?

  • Why should we ban burqas

    Why ban burqas. It is like the government want to take away all our freedom. We're no longer to decide the way we dress? As long as it isn't vulgar or offensive; Why the fuck should people not be allowed to chose what they want to wear. I'm gonna wear whatever I want thank you. How do burqas even support terrorism nor any crime. If we ban burqas, why don't we also ban hoodies and motorbike helmets and maybe even ninja costumes that they sell at Party Palace, why not ban those, they cover the face don't they? Burqas are only frightening because we are letting our imagination run wild. So wake up and grow up.

  • What? Your kidding right?!

    It is a basic human right to be able to live your life and to express yourself in an environment that is safe and equal. There is a common belief that all people who identify as being Muslim are terrorists or extremists, whereas terrorism activity represents an incredibly small proportion of the Muslim community. It is used as an outlet for people to express their religious beliefs and affinity.

  • They should not.

    What should be banned is forcing women to wear them. However, if they want to choose to wear them on their own free will, why should we ban that? Modesty is such relative thing to culture and so women should wear what they feel comfortable in. Weather that be a burka or nothing at all.

  • Why should we tell women what they can and cannot wear?

    Banning the Burqa is oppressive to Islamic women who wear the Burqa to practise and express their religion. Everyone should at least have the right to chose what they put on top of their bodies - if this means women will cover themselves up, let them. The Burqa does not pose any type of threat to society.

  • I don't support it.

    I don't think it is right to ban a cloth that covers the face because some people find it intimidating I find people who are wearing suits intimidating and fake hair but I don't want to ban them if it was invented just few years ago you could justify a ban but it is a historical woman's clothing just like dresses and skirts I don't think anyone has the right to force people to wear a certain item or to take it off.

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