• Buses need seatbelts

    Buses definitely need seatbelts . Without them, what's to stop a child flinging forward and getting a severe concussion? It's not just concussions,either. Children could receive broken bones, cuts and bruises, and even face death. This is definitely a matter that needs sorting out. I definitely believe buses should have seatbelts!

  • Yes Buses Should!

    Safety should always be a first priority. It doesn't matter whether the bus driver takes a test or not - even someone who had been driving for years could still crash!
    There has been many times where I have been on a bus and it jolted to a stop and you nearly smashing your face on the seat in front of you.

  • Seatbelts save lives

    Seatbelts help prevent you getting hurt in an accident. For example you can go on the side and crash on the side and fly out the window .That might cause a brain injury and cause death. That is my opinion on why you should were a seatbelt on a bus

  • What would you do

    Some one up their said that only .2 people die in bus accident what if you where the mother or father of your kid who died in a bus accident your kid died and was paetof that .2% what would you do. I would do what ever it took to get seatbelts on buses so that no one will half to go through what I would have gone through

  • Seat belts save lives

    I am in middle school and I ride the bus everyday to and from school. Seat belts are necessary. Seat belts are for protecting you in front crashes, side crashes and rollovers. I am writing a paper on this topic and I have proof that seat belts save lives and are a necessary addition to School buses

  • Buses with seat belts

    Are safer because there is a lower risk of deaths and injures to happen. If the bus flips or stops suddenly,they would ether hit the metal frame in the seats at 20-40mph or roll with the bus and get badly beaten up, and face death or severe injures. You might get a cut or bruised, but there is a lot worse things that could happen.And this is coming from a 5th grader that has been in 5 bad accidents.

  • Seatbelts save lives

    In New York a bus got in a crash with 35 kids in it 2 died 30 were injured. I would pay hundreds for children to be safe and i think others should too. People die without seatblelts we need them. Thank you for understanding and hopefully kids will be safe in the future!!

  • Seatbelts save lives

    In New York a bus got in a crash with 35 kids in it 2 died 30 were injured. I would pay hundreds for children to be safe and i think others should too. People die without seatblelts we need them. Thank you for understanding and hopefully kids will be safe in the future!!

  • Yes, I think they should

    A couple years ago, our school bus got in an accident with a car. I was not injured, but a kid in the back of the bus got a concussion because the bus did not have seat belts! This is a safety issue and I think this should definitely change.

  • Yes we should

    School busses are very busy. When kids are mum ping from seat to seat the driver is constantly looking back and not focusing on the road. Also, the cost to instal is very minimal. I'm sure schools can raise money for the students' safety., I mean we raise money for other great reasons, why not for our children's lives

  • Dick in zipper

    Im 15 years old and I got my dick stuck in my zipper one time and it was the worst thing i ever have felt in my life so i can imagine how bad it would be to get you dick stuck in the seat belt. Ya that would suck

  • No fricken seatbelts

    I am a kid and I hate fricken seatbelts. I don't think that there should be any seatbelts because when I go on the bus nothing happens to me only bad stuff happens when kids are fooling around and when the bus gets hit and most of the time its not the kids fault :D

  • A bus is so much bigger then a car

    A bus is about 12 tons is my guesstamite a car is 2. There is no need for seat belts because
    1. The bus absorbs the shock over time.
    2.It is much heavier compared to a car.
    3.It is a lot of money.
    The worst that can happen is a bloody nose. And deaths only happen if kids are standing up on the bus when they shouldn't.

  • No buses should have seat belts

    I am personally a bus rider at my local high school. I would much rather have comfort over safety. The buses already have padding on the back of the seats. The only thing people should worry about is that the bus might flip. Only 9 kids die every year on a school bus. Even if seat belts where mandatory, we kids would not wear them.

  • No bus belts

    Buses should not have seat belts because if a bus got in an accident, the seats could close and make it so kids can't escape being crushed. Kids might not be able to unbuckle when there's a fire, or if they needed to get to the emergency exit to escape.

  • School budgets are already tight.

    It would take a lot of money to get seatbelts in every bus imaginable. Schools already have tight budgets nowadays. Teachers are always the first to complain about their salaries. The amount of fatal school bus crashes is low enough that the money doesn't necessarily need to be put into seat belts just yet.

  • No seat belts on buses

    It would be very expensive to add seat belts on every bus. The buses are built and designed well and for saftey. There is not very many deaths causes and some students could use the seat belts to bully or choke other kids. Seat belt should not be installed on buses,

  • No seat belts

    Seatbelts can be useful but they are also dangerous. What if there was a fire on the bus and the seatbelt was stuck. The seatbelts could also be used as weapons. Kids are very violent students these days. I have no doubt that they wouldn't use them for violence. We must not add seatbelts.

  • They're pretty safe the way they are

    If you notice the body of a school bus, you notice how very strong it is. That's because buses are made to be safe. The shell is made to absorb some of the impact. Along with the interior, the seats are separated enough so that when there's a crash, the students wouldn't be as hurt as they would in a normal car.

  • I think no

    It is now mandatory in all states to wear seatbelts while in a car as either a driver or passenger. In addition, it is also mandatory for infants and toddlers to be in some kind of specialized car seat. Given the restraint requirements in other vehicles, why don't buses have seatbelts?

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