Should businesses be able to use Native american images as advertisement?

  • Native American businesses do it all the time.

    Why would you tell a Native American s/he can't use imagery from their culture to advertise? You wouldn't and they should be able to. Because of this everyone should be allowed to as well. The same is true of any culture. If the members of that culture are allowed to use it in their advertisement then anyone should be allowed to use it. Fair is fair.

  • Although probably not politically correct, I would argue yes, But

    Only if the images aren't being used in a derogatory or racist way. Freedom of speech and expression is one thing, but racism and other forms of hate speech should not be allowed from a business or any person. Why can't we live in a country/world where people aren't judged for their race, ethnicity, religion, etc.? On the flip side, why should we tolerate racism? If racism falls under and is tolerable under the right to freedom of speech/expression, then I guess I'm against it.

  • Private businesses have the right to do whatever they want, as long as it does not physically harm others.

    Using a Native American as an image is not harming anyone. It is not killing anyone. It is simply just a business using a Native American as an image, which businesses have the right to do. It's called freedom of expression. The only people who would be offended by this are SJWs.

  • It not good bro

    Its not good because they have a private life ok dude and it should be a good thing that people should not do and yaaa fam so if you want to be weird you should have to ask the native amarican people and tell and if you dont listen you should be arrested in conclusion this is not cool broooooo

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