Should caffeinated substances have an age restriction?

  • A child should not be able to walk into a convenience store and by an energy drink.

    If a twelve year old can walk into a convenience store and by an energy drink; what is stopping him/ her from purchasing 3 and drinking them in an hour? That much excessive caffeine is to much for a child to handle and may cause death. When a kid is buying an energy drink they aren't looking or caring about the warning label that states a recommended age for consumption. If the warning says "Do not drink, if you are under the age of 16!", that should be the age you can purchase it.

  • No way, that's crazy.

    I can't even remember how many times I bought a mountain dew as a kid. Banning CAFFEINE is just totally stupid. I also drank Latte's daily and I ended up healthy, so did my friends. Its someones fault if they start going insane off of caffeine, but don't punish children who drink it safely.

  • Age restrictions don't work

    Just like with other age restricted things, such as alcohol, cigarettes, sex and even entertainment, the fact that it is age restricted, makes it that much more enticing to kids. If a kid really wants something that's merely age restricted, they are very likely to get their hands on it. Adding regulations to anything that could potentially be harmful if consumed irresponsibly, is just encouraging a nanny state, which I personally am against. If you're too stupid to enjoy something responsibly, then I don't have much sympathy for you if you get hurt by it. We shouldn't force everyone to stop doing something just because a few idiots might get hurt

  • I would rather

    Have my child drinking these kind of drinks than alcohol. If you start putting age limits on drinks then children will see it as something on equal par to alcohol and they may begin to drink that as they would an ordinary fizzy drink (which these are really, but with slightly more caffeine).
    I would rather let my child know that alcohol has an age limit because it is a really serious concern to drink it excessively and hope that my parenting skills would allow them to realise that drinking the drinks mentioned above is not good for you.

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