• I think that they should

    I think that the US and Canada should merge to create a more perfect union

    No, Seriously
    They should merge, this will help both parties and will help restart American (or Canadian) business/ financial growth. Number 1 reason Canadians don't want to merge are gun laws ; Candians can just bypass them.

  • They should merge

    They have good bacon and they are cool and they are very good at making bacon and potatoes and their flag is red and white just like ours kind of and maple leafs are cool because they stand for maple syrup and maple syrup goes on pancakes and pancakes are my favorite.

  • No not really

    I think the United States should stay the way it is and not merge with Canada because they differ so much in culture and they do not have that many resources to benefit from. I think the United States should focus more on populating Alaska instead of merging with Canada.

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