• We need to be a stronger north American nation.

    China and Russia slowly moving in our resources in the Arctic. China will be the new super power soon if we don't become unified .China is buying up land and resources all over the world if we don't do something it won't matter we will all be working for China.

  • Is there any reason why we shouldn't?

    Canada SHOULD join the US! And then we can form our own "United States of Northern America" or "USNA" for short. We would have our Monarchy (that great idea just came to me right now) led by a King named Augustus! And within time, we could conquer Mexico. And the states of Canada and Mexico could add onto to the 50 states now. There's a rumor that this is already going on as we speak, and we can expect this amazing plan to have taken place by the year 2040!

  • Canada on its own is not economically viable.

    Its economic activity is a long strip just north of the border stretching for thousands of mile. No depth to markets and excessive connectivity costs.
    Moreover, Canada needs to learn to compete. Its creative juices are .. Well what creative juices?
    USA is a powerhouse of innovation, resourcefulness and the currency has reserve status allowing it to weather huge storms. Not so long ago US had been written off - and look where the loonie is today.
    Just like Zambia, or similar places Canada is resource rich and that is the curse. It ignores the most resourceful capital it has Human Capital. Not only are its markets uncompetitive, its people are undervalued, and end up doing jobs that do not lever their training or interests.
    In Arts or Culture nothing/ no one has succeeded in Canada until they have succeeded in US, Celine Dion or Shania or Paul Anka.
    It would be best for it to just join and be one or more states of USA.

  • Of course we should join

    We are pretty much the same any ways, and plus they have a better army as well so this would benefit both countries. The border is a waste of peoples time and money. The border should be broken down. Plus as long as trump doesn't get in it will be well worth joining.

  • Canada should be part of the USA

    Canada and the US are superpowers and they always agree with each other and for a long time since the World War 2 they have been strong allies with each other and if they combine and become on large country they will be bigger then Russia and China and they would be the biggest power

  • Canada should join America

    It makes sense for Canada to join America. Both nations face economic threats due to the rise of Asia. A U.S.A. that included Canada would be powerful enough to counteract such threats. In addition to this, we are to similar in cultural terms to be separate.

    There is simply no good reason for Canada not to join America. And if they did this, the Canadians would doubtless be able to exert a considerable influence in American politics

  • Yes, but we're not adding North to the name of our country

    In the Articles of Confederation the Founders intentionally left the door open for Canada to join the United States, if they were to accept that invitation today they would gain representation within our existing political system. Canada's provinces would be divided into at least 15 states at the time of entry, and its territories would be carved into at least another 3 to 5 states as they become more settled over the course of 20 to 40 years after Canada is admitted and the United States would finance that settlement. All told Canada would gain 30 Senate at the time of its admittance into the Union as well as nearly 10 percent of all seats in the House of Representatives. Canada would wield enormous influence as a member of the United States of America.

  • Canada should join

    Hi hi hi hi hi hi because Canada in very friendly and we need more people to help us to get more land, and 10 more stares would hurt.Also we could be more powerful than China I am right, so let Canada Join our nice and friendly nation
    . Let them be apart of something great like us America

  • Canada should join

    Hi hi hi hi hi hi because Canada in very friendly and we need more people to help us to get more land, and 10 more stares would hurt.Also we could be more powerful than China I am right, so let Canada Join our nice and friendly nation
    . Let them be apart of something great like us America

  • I agree we should annex Canada

    We should annex Canada, for the simple reason it would not damage our economy any more than it already is, it would free up resources to further secure our southern border, it would also allow us land access to Alaska politically, and increase our population and resources. There would be little to no culture differences and it would stimulate our economy, it would also bring the U.S.A to the forefront of World Politics, as our popularity with our allies has been going down due to Obama's flippant demeanor and lack of integrity.

  • This is America

    We do not need more people trying to make the Caucasians minority's and increasing the united states debt. They would just make the driving more dangerous anyways the ones that are visiting are country drive breaking the rules are disrespectful and don't give two dams about any of the actual Americans.

  • No, for a few reasons.

    Canada is a completely sovereign nation, and I see no reason that they should join the United States. Their culture and economy is very different from ours. It would probably be better that they stay separate, because they provide competition for the US which is healthy for the economy. Also, they would all have to learn English, and we would have to learn French.

  • No thank you

    The americans only want our resources, They have been sucking up our water for years as it is. We don't want your problems america, Use your right to bear arms to shrink your population to a sustainable level and leave us the hell alone. Canada is a peace loving country , while america is a war mongering bully. Go to hell USA

  • No they shouldn't

    Canada should stay their own country. A whole bunch of things would change that I bet a lot of Canadians would not like, an example being health care, education, etc. Our culture and heritage is part of our identity and we can't just throw it away.There would be conflict between former Canadians and Americans and no one wants that.

  • No Canada should not join the United States

    Canada and the U.S are very different from each other. What would happen to the national anthem? What about the two national languages of Canada, would there still be French?
    It's working out fine as it is, why would we join? Wouldn't that just lead to disagreements? I mean what of Canada's culture and the US culture would be lost? Obviously a lot of Canada's identity would be gone, and that would make people angry. Why risk an argument?

  • Why Would We ?

    Whats would be the point in joining the US so we can also lose majority of our country to China ???? Makes no sense. I have nothing against Americans but their government is a joke not that Canada's is much better but I like our country just the way it is with out all the BS

  • Let's hitch a ride

    Canada is slowly coming out of debt. The United States is plummeting down into debt so fast it's ridiculous! Why should we hitch a ride to the bottom and cause our country to go down the tubes so that the US can slow their decline and use all of our resources that are making Canada a thriving country. Why are the Americans that want to join us.... Sorry take us over saying that they can sort out our terrible problem of having a bilingual country. If you don't like how we do it here in Canada I could care less. We don't need nor want the USA to swallow us and our great nation whole so piss off

  • It's better in Canada

    Canada has more doctors, better health care, lower unemployment, better education, higher student test scores, a stronger banking system, a smaller wealth gap, less homelessness, lower crime rates, less enemies, and importantly: less fear and paranoia amongst the general population. So why would Canada ever want to join the USA??

  • Canada and the US have very different social policies.

    Just think in terms of education, medicine, voting, military investment, monarchy. Technically our head of state is still the queen. Then studied in the US for a year. Then got sick at some point and had to spend a few hours in the hospital. The bill was huge, thanks God I had insurance. I like my government medic care card where I don't have to worry about the bill if something God forbid ever happens. Then as Canadians, we are a much more slower, stress free nation. While in the US it's work work work I have to survive.
    To conclude, I think the US is an amazing country and we should definitely stay as very close allies, after all I did chose to study in the US, but Canada is very different. After living a little in the US as a student, I think life in Canada is much better. We would be downgrading our lifestyle as Canadians if we would merge.

  • US would just drag us down

    By joining the US we can kiss our economy away, buy taking on the countries trillions of dollars worth of debt. And you can also say goodbye to your healthcare, and your rights, the US would just overthrow everything that we stand for. But the worst of it all, the TRILLIONS of dollars their foolish government has burdened itself in.

    For all you americans, China owns you, and your country,

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