Should Canada let Quebec become an independent country?

  • Let them leave.

    What currency will they have? What trade offers will they obtain? How will they get into Canada through our boarders?

    Let them do it, the. Wage a war on their new stupid country and take it back.

    That's part of Canada. It belongs to Canadians. They can form their own country somewhere else. I don't care what language you speak. Idiots need to stop trying to divide, and start working together.

  • Quebec should be independent

    Quebec would do much better without Canada, they have different language and culture from the rest of Canada. They want to govern themselves differently from what Canada is doing now. Canada is hostile to them, they would rather have their own rules without having any kind of fear of any kind.

  • Canadians will never understand what it means to be unique

    I'm not even Canadian, but I have rigorously studied the Quebec Sovereignty movement for three years, started off with the same opinion as most of you; that Quebec should definitely not become independent. But as I learned and participated more, I began to slowly change my mind. Now I am completely for Quebec Independence and here's why.

    Quebec, already in many aspects, is essentially a nation within a nation. As many of you already know, it has it's own language, its own mixture of both civil and common law, and its own distinctive North American culture with a French touch. Very similar to say, Mexico, United States, or Brazil with their own culture from former colonisers. It is hard for Canadians to understand because they are in one of the very few countries in the Americas that have never fought for independence and have shared much more similarities between its parent country (UK) than others.
    But at the centre of the Canadian opposition, I can tell you that the only thing that Canadians care about is money. They wish for Quebec to stay in the country because it gets the most money of any territory, it has the prettiest cities and towns, and overall, because it is unique. It is not like Canada, and tourists love that. So basically, they reason why Canadians want Quebec is because it garners profit from not being like the rest of Canada, which makes it appealing to tourists. It is the sad truth. What does Quebec get in return? Sure it gets a bit more power in the federal government, but in terms of reputation, it is lagging.

    The average Canadian sometimes doesn't even like the Quebecois. I've heard too many Canadians say that Quebecois are stuck-up and idiotic for trying to preserve their heritage to the extent of independence.

    To the dolts who said its like a state separating from the United States, this is definitely not true and is a HUGE miseducated analogy which to me, would be nothing more than a silly exaggeration.

    What are the Pros?
    - An independent Quebec would offer a new country on the world stage and a new valuable ally to both the US and Canada when dealing with specifically western hemisphere issues.
    - New First World country and the first major francophone one in the Americas
    - Would be in a similar position to the US, Mexico, or Brazil where it is a safe-haven for refugees who speak the same language and can provide a New World perspective on issues while also keeping its European heritage
    - More attention for French as trade language (English has had too much attention)
    - No more governing from an Anglophone government

    - No doubt there would be economic hardship at first, both for Canada and Quebec. But all new countries start out this way and remind yourself that Canada and Quebec are first world countries with great might and voices. Vive le Québec libre...

  • They should be able to have their own opinions

    It is not right to force quebec to stay in canada if the majority of the citizens are unhappy. They should be able to keep their languages and culture the way they want too. If they end up seceding, what about the rest of canada? It can survive, sure, but it would be hard with 1/4 of the population gone and a couple billion dollars worth of GDP. Im for both, but leaning towards yes

  • People in Quebec should have more authority over their lives.

    1) To preserve their language and culture, With so many English speaking people living in Canada, not many will speak French and have the same cultures as Quebecers.
    2) Quebec’s people should have the right to decide where they live and what rights they will have.
    3) Smaller governments work better, If there are less people they will be more likely to agree on issues

  • If it wants to

    I think that Canada should let Quebec become it;s own country if they want to. It should be voted on. And if it turns out that the people Quebec want to have their own country, then they should get it. smaller governments work better any ways. No sense in keeping them Canadian if they are unhappy,

  • Let them leave.

    What currency will they have? What trade offers will they obtain? How will they get into Canada through our boarders?

    Let them do it, the. Wage a war on their new stupid country and take it back.

    That's part of Canada. It belongs to Canadians. They can form their own country somewhere else. I don't care what language you speak. Idiots need to stop trying to divide, and start working together.

  • No, NO, NO

    I'm currently in ON, Canada. And I think Quebec is being very selfish, Canada's second official language is FRENCH! They can keep the culture, they don't need to be a separate country to keep the language and culture? That makes no sense, their "Country" is going to economically fall with the lack of education and people, it won't be a wise decision.

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  • It would create too many negative impacts for themselves as well as Canada.

    Making this independent move would result in economic problems for Canada and as well as Quebec itself. Quebec is a popular tourist destination, and Canada benefits heavily from this, and so does Quebec. Canada also helps Quebec with protection as they are under the same military force. Why sacrifice these major pros just to try to become independent, when the result could possibly end in failure?

  • Lack of education in population

    I believe that quebec should not be able to split until the population of quebec is educated on the effects and consequences of that split. Because half the population of quebec doesnt want to split, they will lose the majority of that percentage from immigration to the rest of canada. Aswell, they cannot support themselves. Not only their economy would fall, but so would the rest of canadas. Their importation and exportation options would be limited due to not having access to large bodies of water. Quebec wouldnt have the proper resources to survive on their own. I understand their reasons; to keep their language and culture going, and they have every right to protect that, but they need to figure out a different way, as in spreading their culture or educating more people, rather than risking their own future to save their culture. I think if more people were in quebec were educated of the consequences, the majority of that vote would not exsist.

  • What about the impact?!

    Just saying, the amount of geographical impact this would have is pretty bad, what about the outlying provinces of Canada to the east coast? This would be a large detriment to their travel. What about the shipment to Canada coming in from the Atlantic side? What about the economical income Canada receives from Quebec, or what Quebec receives from Canada? I think it is much more important preserving these factors than foolishly handing over independence without serious thought too it. From places like America the culture is Very divers! We manage, we survive, its not that bad.

  • Quebec is not another country.

    Quebec only desires independence based on the language native to the region. Without regard for the language, the rest of the country is as similar as could be expected. Quebec and the rest of Canada could easily be functional without the other, aside from military. Why sacrifice the joint support of the military for language? A common land defense is a stronger bond than the pronunciation of croissant.

  • No, Quebec should stay a part of Canada.

    Quebec is somewhat different from the rest of Canada, such as having French as its official language. But I don't agree that Quebec should be its own country. Much of Canada was settled by the French, and Quebec has perhaps retained that history more than the rest of Canada. But to completely separate from Canada would be divisive. It would be like one of the U.S. states deciding to become its own country. I don't personally agree with the Quebec sovereignty movement.

  • They should not.

    Canada should not let Quebec become an independent country. That is one of the most stupid things I have heard recently. This would be like saying the United States letting Texas or California become their own country. There are no issues with Quebec being a part of the county of Canada.

  • Only If It's Supported

    I believe the last time Quebec voted on this it was split 49/51 and given those numbers I do not believe it should become an independent country. I believe more than simple majority should have to agree before Quebec is granted independence. If they reach a 2/3 agreement or a 3/4 agreement then I believe it should be allowed.

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