• Birthday i omg

    What if its your birthday peeps :) and you want to share with your class maets sweets like cupcakes candy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy candy :) and other sweet suff thats why i wanted to report this april april april april april april april april happy birhtday to you cha cha cha cha

  • Whats wrong with candy!

    I can't believe this. What dose candy do to children in school. They'll just act the same way they do out side of school. If kids are allergic to the stuff inside then they should be smart enough to stay away from it and if they eat it its there falt

  • Yes kids should have candy and soda

    I am a student I am 10 in 4th grade and number 1 in the morning when kids get to school they are sleepy because its like 7:00 and if you give them a small piece of candy like a candy cane they will not be so sleepy and the school would get more money because you need to pay for the candy or soda.

  • Schools should ban things like soda, and candy from schools for so many great reasons.

    A lot of kids don't have the healthy bodies that they want; most of it is because of things with sugar. You may think that sugar makes you get energy, but guess what, it doesn't. Lets say you just woke up and you have 10 pieces of candy from trick-or-treating. That candy makes you down on energy. After you eat you will be back in bed asleep.

  • It can help focus.

    Since candy can do this...Sugar boost the time that you are able to study without feeling it.

    Chocolate contains phenylethylamine that can help people feel better when down this will help you study longer.
    Peppermints can help you stay focused and become more alert.

    It is good in school so yes

  • When kids are full so is their attention

    I've seen kids all over not at all focused in class. It's a number 1 problem in schools. Reasons for this distraction can be laziness, day dreaming and hunger. When kids are full so it's their attention on the lesson that day. Giving kids this boost will be boosting their learning.

  • Yes I believe it should be allowed ,

    The reason why I believe this is because students can have more energy even if there sleepy , and also the government shouldn't tell us what to eat or what to do we don't tell him what to eat so he shouldn't either ,and I know that kids my age (13) love soda and candy especially at my school and we believe that we have to right to eat this at school and the government shouldn't be telling us what to eat or when we don't tell him so he shouldn't tell us .

  • Of course it should be allowed!

    First, the government should not be telling us what we eat. Second, Students have to learn self control and maturity. Third, sweets are not even completely linked to obesity! Smoking, genes, medicine, emotional factors, and lack of sleep and exercise are what make you obese not food! Sweets are only part of the reason for obesity not fully.

  • It should be allowed

    People have the right to choose what they eat. What about the rest of america and the kids who are skinny. If you just take the soda and candy from the kids in the schools you are taking away there choice to eat healthy or not. If you dont want any dont get it

  • It should be allowed

    People have the right to choose what they eat. What about the rest of america and the kids who are skinny. If you just take the soda and candy from the kids in the schools you are taking away there choice to eat healthy or not. If you dont want any dont get it

  • Dizzy, dozzy, and doopy

    I think you shouldn't have candy at school becauses it make you jittery and crazy. First, you should have a healthy choice to eat because if all you eat is junk you are going to go overweight. Next, you need to do your work and you can't focus with the jitters. Last, if you don't eat protein or your body will feel lazy and dizzy. Eat healthy or you will be dizzy,dozzy, and doopy.

  • No no no!!

    Kids are getting fat. It's a fact. Allowing them to eat candy and other junk food at school just tells them- it's ok. And then teachers deal with kids that go crazy in the class, can't concentrate and are aggresive. School should teach healthy habits and give positive examples. Many kids might not have them at home. And the worse thing is when teacher reward students effort with candy. Their minds learn, it is ok to reward myself with sugar. Then when they get older and have health issues, depressiin, weight gain, stress- they don't know how to deal with it, so they reward themself with " comfort" foods from the childhood- candy, soda, other junk foods.
    This issue is so simple and yet, so many people don't get it. How sad.

  • Yes it should.

    Well, how would the students feel if it was all taken away at a random time? Probably not all that great. Angry, maybe. Also, school funds might go up, from the children buying it all. Plus, mints and peppermints can help you to focus on a test, which is scientifically proven.

  • Why should they give us candy?

    I'm a student, and I don't think schools should be providing us with unhealthy snacks. Schools are not supposed to be encouraging us to eat that kind of stuff! If I want that stuff then I will get it at home. I mean, they don't need to give us brussels sprouts or stuff like that, but still...

  • No candy or Soda

    Yes, students will always get candy or soda outside of school, but allowing students to have candy has a huge negative side. If you said yes, then you are allowing kids and diabetes and have a higher chance of dying. Besides, if you have candy, other people will always try to steal it. Soda and candy are extremely fattening and unhealthy especially when school try to feed students healthy things.

  • School Is Supposed To Be A Safe Place For Children To Learn

    I'm a kid myself. I'm 11 years old, and I have no problem with candy and soda. Except that it's immensely unhealthy and will cause many problems later on in life. School is a place where parents should feel that their kids are safe, and not stuffing junk food down their throats.

  • Candy can cause a lot of problems with your body

    First of all you get cavities on your teeth and would have to get a visit from the dentist. You wouldn't want your teeth to be damaged would you? Second you get diabetes, a lot of people have it wouldn't be good. Third sugar has caffeine and that could make you get hyperactive, and you wouldn't pay attention in class. The craziness can disturb other students.

  • Educate you're child or children people.

    Be it candy or soda, EDUCATE you kids so they make better decisions. Soda and candy is going to be at reach where ever they are at. Before the decision is made on this junk food and the argument is healthy choices, consider what's being served in the cafeteria and what you the parents give the kids. Everything in moderation (especially moderation.) AND INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION.

  • It is not healthy for the students

    Candy is not healthy because it can cause diabetes , heart problems , etc. if you have diabetes you will need to get medicine everyday. It can taste good for only a little bit, but overall diabetes will stay for ever for your whole life. This is why you should not have candy.

  • They candy and soda don't belong.

    All the candy and soda does is provide a distraction to kids. Maybe it can be used as a treat but its also unhealthy for students to consume. Kids should be taught to live a healthy and safe life. Besides, sucking on candy will make it harder for students to focus on their schoolwork.

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