• Capital Punishment Should be Used in UK

    Unfortunately, some people commit crimes that are considered inhumane or atrocious. These people should be put to death rather than sapping state resources for years upon years. The United Kingdom should legalize capital punishment with limited appeals in order to reduce the burden death row inmates place upon a nation's resources.

  • The Justice system is flawed

    If the Justice system is ultimately flawed and susceptible to bringing innocent people to be sentenced through false evidence, then capital punishment is one of the few irreversible sentences. There are countless examples of the wrong person being convicted of a crime. Letting someone out of prison is easy, but bringing someone back to life is impossible. Because of this, capital punishment can cause irreversible damage to innocent people that shared the right to life. It is true that it is unlikely for innocents to be convicted, but when they are, and they will be in an imperfect justice system such as ours, then could you really take the blame for letting an innocent person die? That's the same as a murderer.

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