Should capital punishment be used for child abusers/molesters, rapists, murderers, etc.?

Asked by: Omama4Ya
  • Oh yea. Do it.

    Anyone who has ever taken the sweet innocence of a child deserves to be put down like the complete animal they are.
    These are the people who have no place in society. It's common sense not to rape someone, especially a child.

    For murderers, however, the situation is different. It all depends on cold blood or whatever

  • Yes I do support it!

    Freedom to be taken away for 10- 20 years via jail.. Being used for testing products. Then you can do away with them. Some people can't be fixed and it's a waste of precious lives, food and oxygen. More people need to be afraid of consequences, and if there aren't any....

  • People who damage or destroy children have no right to live!

    You will never reform a pedophile; they're born that way. The sexual and physical abuse of the innocent is, for my money, the worst crime on earth and locking them up for a couple of years and then letting them out into the world again is hideous! Either lock them up and throw away the key, or hang them and have done with it!

  • With murder it depends

    Premeditated murder, yes. Not heat of the passion. This is not condoning it. But if someone was provoked, you cannot expect someone to react with murder. Doesn't make it right, but there are extremely messed up things, such as messing with another's girlfriend. Heat of the passion. No every other thing on the list. Yes

  • Yes it should.

    They hurt or killed a poor innocent little angel, cause honestly that's what all kids are. They deserve to get whats coming to them. Think about it your kid was murdered, do you want them to still live while your sweet little baby cant anymore? I would hope not. So, yes they should receive capital punishment.

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