• No and never

    Use public transport and save the earth!!

  • 1.3million people die every year

    This is the number of people that die from cars every year directly but whats the point of having practical cars or as a hobby if the earth is polluted and destroyed! There are way more alternatives like walking, public transport, cycling and more. Don't be lazy and never get a car

  • Its so obvious

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  • Horrible pieces of junk .

    Well first off the most obvious reason is that cars are really really really harmful to our world through vehicles emitting large amounts of pollutants. The earth is our home and our provider, we lived without cars before why can't we repeat that. Accidents are caused and lives are lost each year precious lives. Back before the cars invention people use to walk on the streets; imagine all that space could be put into good use. I feel like city/metropolitan area would be better off using public transport. Maybe not banning all vehicles immediately but in the distant future it would be a great decision.

  • Ban cars or else

    Ban cars because they emit things that arent healthy then people get asthma because in china there is too much smog and smog rhymes with fog, and also looks like fog but is bad for ur body and u can get asthma because in china there is too much smog and smog rhymes with fog and also looks like fog but is bad for ur body and u can get asthma. BOOOO HOO

  • We have the technology to have a pollution free world, but something must be done about it!

    We don't need cars (and taxis) ! We have electric trains, electric and hydrogen buses, bicycles, and our own legs, which don't pollute the air (assuming the electricity comes from renewable sources), to replace cars that run on unsustainable fossil fuels and produce dirty, unhealthy, toxic gases. We could also replace taxis with cycle rickshaws. Cycling also helps people keep fit and healthy.

    In a future without cars, in a rural area you could walk, cycle, or book a cycle rickshaw online to your nearest bus or regional train stop, where you would continue your onward journey by bus/regional train, then walk, cycle, or get a cycle rickshaw to your final destination, and in a urban area you could cycle/walk across the city, catch a cycle rickshaw, or get a city bus/train to wherever you are going.

    For journeys outside your local area/city, you could get to your local area/city central train station by a mode of transport listed above, catch an electric intercity train, then reach your final destination by transit mode listed above. All electricity could come from renewable sources – hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, wave, biomass, ect.

    If we want to completely stop global warming and climate change then we have to get rid of everything that produces toxic emissions, everywhere.

  • Cars are a huge participant in the apocalypse

    Have you ever done research on global warming? You should 57% of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is from cars. The most likely world apocalypse is global warming. Unless we find the technology to rip gases out of our atmosphere, its not a matter of if, its a matter of when the world will end due to climate change and our atmosphere destroys our world and cooks us all alive. I'm 16 years old, if i have this much knowledge about this, than adults who say no it shouldn't be banned are just selfish and idiotic. Human nature is to not plan ahead and just live in the moment. This is because we are use to paradise and we don't think anything will happen to us because we are the dominant species and have no natural predators. Its time for us to plan ahead and think about our children. Do you want them to be cooked alive in our own world? There are so many reasons as to why cars should be banned. I guarantee you that people won't listen to me and nobody will do anything until its to late, it almost already is. Do we really need cars? Do we really need paper? THE ANSWER IS NO!

  • No because people will loose there jobs

    My family and lots of others will loose there jobs becuase they work in a state farm van and car compineys would loose lots of money and even go out of bissness that is why they should never ever EVER ban big cars or large veical. I need 4 more words....

  • No no no

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  • For bigger familys

    People might have an big family so need a big car to fit all in or can get done by the police and also they are good for an road trip or an holiday to hold all of your things for holiday. They shoulnt be banned in my opinions my option

  • What About Us?

    What about the people who love cars as a hobby? What would we do if we can't do what we love? You probably don't care, but there are tens of thousands of people who would be devastated if we ban cars. Think outside of your shallow world, and care about other people's interests.

  • Cars have been the world's most efficient way of transport

    I assume this question is considering banning cars because of accident they have been involved in however accidents that are car related have been caused by more than 90% by humans, through either fatigue bad driving skills only 10% are caused by mechanical failures so instead of banning cars some people should be banned from driving them.

  • Cars are a necessity.

    Public transportation is only viable in large cities. What about people who live in rural areas or small towns? These areas don't have the tax base to afford public transport. Plus it'd be horrendously inefficient because there just aren't enough people going to the same place in small towns to justify public transport. Also, cars offer a unique type of freedom, allowing people to go wherever they want, quickly, and regardless of train/plane/bus schedules. I think that emissions standards on cars should be heightened and more efforts should be made for electric/alternative fuel cars, but outright banning them is not the answer.

  • Alternatives are not always available

    The argument that only automobiles produce emissions is invalid, trains and boats require fuel as well thus emissions are released. You can't always take a train or bus to get to a place. Roads by cars are the best way to get around in a suburban area. In the suburbs, a train or bus cannot take you from building to building. I believe that instead of banning cars, alternative fuels that will produce fewer emissions should be implemented. Without cars, the economy will be reduced due to people not buying them or the lack of commuters and cargo transportation.

  • This is a stupid question

    Suppose that cars are banned. What would take it's place as a mode of transportation for distances longer than 10 to 15 miles? I am a cyclist and that is about the distance that I'm willing to go on a bike for work. What about family vacations? What would happen to the BILLIONS of dollars a year that car manufacturers pump into the economy? What would happen to all of the employees of the companies who would be suddenly out of work. I currently live in the middle of nowhere, the closest major grocery store is 135 miles away. I'm not going to walk or bike that to get groceries every couple of days.

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