Should Catalonia be declared an independent country?

  • They already self-govern

    Along with being almost completely autonomous, they earn more than 1/5 of the Spanish economy, have a higher GDP, and more than a majority of Catalonians want independence. It would be against democracy to not let them determine their future for themselves, it is a vital part of democracy to let people be self-determining. They have their own language, culture, laws, flag, and government; it's astonishing that they're not independent already.

  • They should be independent

    They have paid 20 billion euros in taxes which they don't get back. With that extra money per a year, Catalans can make their country much more sophisticated and improve their society. They have a higher GDP than in Madrid and will easily be able to thrive on their own

  • Catalonia should be declared an independent country.

    Catalonia should be declared an independent country. They have already declared themselves independent states in 2012. They speak their own language and the only thing that is missing is for them to be able to create their own government and live peacefully among the rest of the countries that are around them.

  • They are unique.

    Yes, Catalonia should be declared an independent country, because they speak their own language, and it would be easier for them to conduct their affairs if they were to be able to do business in their own language. Catalonia also has some unique cultures, and those cultures should be celebrated by making the nation independent.

  • No it shouldn't

    Catalonia should not be declared an independent country. There are a lot of politics to be involved and it would more than likely cause a civil war if it became an Independent country on it's own. It would have to make sure it could be self governing, and have enough revenue to be made and could support its self like every country in this world does.

  • Vital Part of Spain

    Catalonia is a vital part of Spain and shouldn't be an independent country. Although the region shares a border with France and could probably be its own entity, doing so would crush any hope of the Spanish economy recovering. Catalonia includes Barcelona, a cultural and population center for Spain. The region serves as an important border with France and the rest of Europe. If any region in Spain should be independent, it's Basque and not Catalonia.

  • Catalonia should not be declared an independent country.

    There is no reason why Catalonia should be declared an independent country. Spain should remain unified in this time of economic crisis. Splitting the country would also set a bad example for other countries that might try to emulate them. Europe does not need to become more balkanized at this time.

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