• Yes, celebreties should make more than doctors.

    Doctors are not rock stars. They get to be rich and marry someone way out of their league. They don't need to make more than celebrities. They do not bring some unique talent to the world. They just do a job that they were trained to do. Celebreties bring a unique talent to the table.

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  • Let's put things into perspective.

    Actors entertain (generally), no disrespect to them, it is after all their occupation and of course they also require training and development to deliver a good service. Doctors attend to healthcare needs of patients through diagnosis, treatment, management and review. All this requires years of intense training, lifelong learning and working long-hours under stressful conditions where the slightest error could cost a human life. If you take all this into account, it would be ludicrous to pay actors more than doctors or similar healthcare professionals. Ask yourself, which is more important to you, the sustenance of your life with the aid of doctors knowledge and expertise, or the entertainment from the media industry? On an individual as well as societal level, majority if not all people would agree that healthcare is the priority and an integral service for a civilised and functional community. So it is a sad state of affairs that this moral understanding isn't reflected in the distribution of earnings.

  • Of course not

    It's grossly immoral. If we paid doctors even a 100th the celeb wage we'd have the best motivated health service in the world and the research to find the cure for the most awful pathologies. Sequestering money into 'celeb land' seriously undermines our society's ability to progress. The power of media and entertainment to cure our boredom and tap into our fantasies is immense. Shame on us for buying into this quick fix while bypassing our real need. A human curse ! Of course the celebs are laughing - they can afford the best private health care in the world. Let me remind you why ? They can sing , they look physically pleasing , they can kick a leather sack filled with air ???? Utter madness

  • No they shouldn't !!

    Am a dentist so don't get me wrong that am here because am in a rage mode ...I just saw one celebrity who earns 30,000$ per one episode of his drama and got shocked ...That's a year payment for a training dentist!! I mean a YEAR , Doctors studied day and night and still studying and when you say that celeb can't sleep or they get tired from hard schedules , I think we all know what a doctor on a call mean and what does it mean to make a surgery at 3 Am in a field of few centimeters maybe ..Your neck ,back,feet,eyes,and WHOLE body is tired but still never complain cuz its your job and we LOVE it also, but it just sometimes feels unfair that they should just show up there and have billions while Doctors have much less ..Also if you are talking about good looking ,there are many many doctors that are way more beautiful than Angelina Julie but no one knows about them ..Its just that celebrities happens to show up to u guys and others didn't ! And Talent ?? While doctors get training ?? So actors are not trained now ?? What do u call a little kid on the set from age 5 ? THATS A TRAINING ..

  • Why the fuck

    Obviously doctors work their ass off trying to help or find a cure for any diseases yet celebrities such as singers (many) just make music even though its tiring but they shouldn't be paid more than doctors or people who work their asses off. Honestly, what angers me more is seeing the jenners and the kardashians getting paid millions. Like tf they don't do shit and just waste their money on plastic surgeries. Idk man this topic just angers me so much. This ain't fair.

  • I laugh at the one person who said yes

    I support veterans who have served our country and I knew one who was poor and died, he served in the Vietnam war and let me tell you this I DESPISE celebrities look at this Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana character who used to be on kids and teens TV shows and is now a crackhead, look at this Justin Bieber who was arrested, look at all of this junk I can't listen to music because all I hear is crack, sex, and allot more junk and then look at marines and firefighters and police they do something to keep us all safe and they're getting paid less I mean a celebrity breaks up and next week theres a new hit single and everyone is raving, now how about a Marine who lost his leg in battle for us does he get a billion dollars and I am not speaking only for our veterans but for our doctors who are saving us and even those celebrates, who are everyday saving lives and what are the celebs doing ? NOTHING THEY AREN'T ROLES MODELS NOR BRING ANY TALENT TO THE TABLE GET A REAL JOB AND FIND OUT WHAT TALENT IS!

  • It just doesn't make sense.

    I get the fact that celebrities can help by advertising companies, and helping a bit in the economy development. But why are they earning millions for it?! I can't say that Doctors should be earning as much as celebs, what i'm trying to say is that, Celebs should earn to something as close to as Doctors; Surgeons too. Celebs and Doctors work hard for what they earn and people respect them for that. However Celebs should be earning less.

  • Why Is Dis Happening

    I disagree with this. Celebrities get paid for looking pretty, and they are paid way more than doctors. Doctors are out saving lives, and are getting paid not even 1/4 of what Celebrities are paid. My daddy is a doctor and this is for my research paper. My dad isn't able to go to a Darius Rucker concert, because he is on call!!!! Not fair.....

  • No, celebrities should not make more than doctors.

    Doctors save lives. They study hard, they help people, they make a difference. Yes, celebrities do have talent but everyone has a talent at something. Therefore we all should get paid as much as celebrities. After crimes when the victims are still holding on to their lives, its the doctors who come in and pour their heart into saving them. Celebrities coming out to help an individual doesn't happen regularly. A lot of celebrities just want power and attention and then they get paid for making a fool out of themselves.

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TheShamelessTruth says2013-07-25T06:45:55.740
This question is very flawed. Their is no way of answering this question directly. Celebrity is not a job listing. It depends on the job. Should the salary of an actor be higher then the salary of a doctor would be a better way to phrase it. (although most actors don't make anywhere near what doctors make). Some celebrities sell products or services so there wage cannot be compared to anything salary based. Do I believe that doctors should make more then salary based celebrities like athletes and musicians (the ones that are on salary) yes. However, many celebrities can make money off their celebrity which a doctor cannot. Their appearance has value since they attract their fans to businesses and events so celebrities have a leg up on doctors because they will always have a product (their celebrity) that they can sell while doctors must stick to their salary.