Should celebrities use their status for political influence?

  • Bring Power and Eyes to the Issues

    With celebrities using their already widely known look or image to bring people to what they have to say it can introduce a whole new way of being able to publicize the issues. The celebrities already have the attention of the general public so the difference if they are to say what new handbag their dog will be toted around in or something like the environmental danger of fracking in our country could inform a whole new population of voters. The only way for a democracy to run successfully is if we have an informed voter and this is a very valuable asset that we could be using in order to have this.

  • Celebrities should be able to use their status to exert political influence.

    Celebrities should be able to exert political influence.Just because they are famous does not mean they don't have an opinion and they could very well use their opinion to improve the world in an overall sense that less famous people would not be able to do even if they wanted to.

  • Yes as citizens of the United States celebrities have Constitutional right to express their political opinion.

    Just be a person is a "celebrity" they do not give of their Constitutional rights. One of those right is the freedom of speech. Celebrities are perfectly free to use their positions and exposure to advance the political party of their choice. Be the same logic we are perfectly free to ignore their opinions or to express our displeasure with their choices.

  • Celebrities are citizens.

    Every citizen should try to influence politics as best they can. This is the only way for things to change. What is better than celebrities who have more of an opportunity to have their voices be heard? Celebrities are citizens too and should not be overlooked simply because they are in the limelight anyways. Every citizen needs to vocalize their opinions on political issues. The government is supposed to represent our citizens and our opinions. Right now, I do not believe that it does. The only way for this to change is by voicing our concerns and making a change as a people.

  • They should use their influence to politically educate.

    Yes, I believe celebrities should use their status for political influence. Celebrities gain a huge following and should able to use their "powers" for good. They need to take a stance on an issue and spread awareness on any political thing through their following. Maybe people would become better educated this way.

  • No. Using social status for politics is aristocratic. I believe social policies should stay out of politics entirely!

    If one (who does not follow politics) sees a popular celebrity with a politician, then they may wrongfully use there vote to elect that politician. Social influence could warp one's view on politics. A majority of America does not really research or follow politics, so if they do see that celebrity that everyone loves support him or her, then they will want him or her in office. This tactic is childish in my opinion, its just like a child wanting a toy just because another is using it.

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