Should celebrity culture be something that is glorified?

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  • No, it's disgusting.

    I think the glorification of celebrities is one of the worst thing for society. And now, in the digital age, there are even more ways to gain stardom. For example, if a youtube video goes viral, the person is instantly famous and known world wide. This is not a good thing.

  • People live real lives

    The majority of people try to lead real lives and contribute something genuinely productive to society and their families. Celebrities live in a protected bubble away from the real world, and we idolize this escape from reality, but the truth is that these people should not be idolized or envied at all. We need to take a step back into the real world.

  • Celebrity culture should not be glorified.

    No, our society should not glorify celebrity culture. By glorifying celebrity culture, we paint an unrealistic pictures for young people to try to live up to when the fact is they will most likely never live a life of similar quality to someone who is considered a celebrity. Maybe we should glorify scientists and social workers instead, those who actually do things for the benefit of the greater good of society.

  • Celebrity culture should not be glorified

    Society's obsession with the activities of celebrities is difficult to understand. Celebrities are often wealthy, but not compared to many other people who lack celebrity status. Why shouldn't we be more concerned with the lives of CEO's and CFO's? They are considerably more successful, and they actually have lives that could inspire others to success through hard work. Celebrities are often actors and singers that work for 3 months out of a year pretending, or playing. Celebrities should not be glorified as success stories.

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