Should cell phones and cameras be banned during concerts?

  • "Memories" argument is bs

    All of these 20-year-olds arguing that they need video/photos of a concert to remember it should probably increase their Adderall dosage. I've been to hundreds of shows, recorded none of them, and remember them all, because I was completely and entirely present for the experience instead of watching the stage on a tiny screen held eighteen inches from my face.

  • Waste of time

    It takes the personal experience out of the concert for you and those seated behind you. Why would you film a concert you paid your hard earned cash to get in to? Just let the professionals in the photograpghy pit do their jobs and enjoy the show. You can buy the DVD later if you wish.

  • For Those of Us Who Remember

    The memory of a concert experience where you and everyone around you were completely caught up in the music and the moment without being separated from the experience by a device, sure beats the heck out of a concert experience where you and everyone around you are scrambling to capture the best possible mini-moments, that usually, after the initial upload or brag, are never viewed again.

  • Leave your phone in your purse or pocket please!

    Cell Phone use at concerts is annoying, selfish, and rude. You wouldn't do it at a movie (you don't want to disturb others), why do you think it's okay to disturb others at concerts (the tickets for concerts are sometimes 10 times the cost of the movie)?

    Hey people if you want a great shot of your favourite artist, there is this thing called the Internet and also this other thing called YouTube where you can see a video of your favourite artist live. Maybe you could even stay home with your phone and let the rest of us enjoy the show.

  • Yes listen to the music and enjoy the concert. Use a phone for what it is. Just that.

    Holding mobile phones aloft destroys the uniqueness of a live gig, it destroys the experience for people having to watch behind these idiots with their toys held aloft, it just destroys the whole atmosphere and people that do it, suck! It's the epitome of a generation without social graces, lacking values, standards and any semblance of decency. These imbeciles seem to think that it is their God given right to shove their 'smarter than me' phones in anyone's face.

  • Not worth it.

    People are trying to actually enjoy concerts butbpeople in front of them always block their vision when filming bands. Seriously, there are professionals filming the concert but ignorant fools just want to post blurry videos on Facebook. These people buy the few, expensive tickets that could have been bought for ACTUAL spectators. This even ruins the event for EVERYONE.

  • Waste of time

    Completely pointless to use your cellphone on a concert.. The camera you will use aint strong enough, bass too loud, .. And when will you look at it again.. Exactly ..NEVER.. Just enjoy the moment and go with the flow! You will see, you will experience the concert 10x better

  • You can't see.

    I went to a concert a couple weeks ago and for the first time experienced trying to see the band through a forest of arms holding phones, and I was only 12 feet from the stage, about six people deep back. I'm six feet tall. Cell phones have ruined the concert experience, and if the venue looks like this will happen, which is likely, I won't be going.

  • It is the artists' call not the public

    The artists, musicians, actors et al, work very hard to create an experience. If you are so rude you cannot respect their work, you should not even bother to go to a concert.
    As a teacher I have to contend with students abuse of cell phones during class when they should be working. They are addicted. Their work suffers greatly. It infuriates me and of course it impacts their grade.

  • "everybody else is"

    The problem for me is the mentality that it is someone's 'right' to record and take photos of someone else, even when the venue or artist asks people not to.
    If you ask someone to stop taking photos at a gig, the common response is 'but everyone else is' ... Like that is a good enough reason to continue and annoy the person next to, or behind, you.
    I like the idea of "first two songs, you can do what you like" and then ban all recording devices and cameras so that everyone can enjoy the rest of the gig.

  • No, they should not.

    Cell phones and cameras should not be banned during concerts. During a concert people are very excited and want to be able to brag about it, or be able to take pictures and remember that time they went to that one concert. It would be unfair to deny people that memory.

  • You're Obstructing Others View of the Performance.

    If you're arguement is that you paid for your ticket/experience and that experience includes recording unstable shaking videos and photos to keep the memory "forever" and you dont mind the obstructed view of the one behind you, then you dont mind as well if that person behind you takes your device and smashes it to pieces because part of his experince is to view the concert Fully Live and unobstracted by material objects then its fair game right? You dont care about others behind you, so why should they care about you and your stuff?

  • Alarming Safety Issue

    Patrons should always have the ability to call 911 due to fire, medical emergency, etc... Hospital's access to doctors on call, parents ability to contact children, etc... Imagine the liability the musician and promoter would have if cell phones were banned / not accessible and an unfortunate event occurred. Think Paris, Orlando, London.

  • Redundance / No Harm

    Why stop someone who is merely trying to capture a favourite moment of their concert ? If they choose to do it, it's at their own loss/stake, what's the point of arguing that they should just watch the concert ? And also, if the person is really blocking the view , just open your mouth and ask the person to give you some space to watch the concert. There's simply no harms in the using of mobile devices.

  • Absolutely not. No!

    The idea of taking these gadgets is to capture a moment that you want to see over and over again later in he future or share it among friends. We love seeing these moments in the future and want to have a glimpse of a moment we might not ever have again at all. The only time i believe we do this is only on our favorite artists, that's about it. We love seeing them of course, but at the same time, we want to record a small session they did that we decided to have as a highlight of that day we were there.

  • Intrusion on privacy

    It's just bureaucratic hogwash and an effort to intrude on a citizen's right to privacy. I would cease going to any concerts where I couldn't bring my phone in with me. They already pat us down and search womens' purses for things that may do others harm, which is reasonable. But a phone threatens nobody except the performer's ego. Besides, cameras are small enough to be hidden on one's clothing these days. What will they want next? Strip searching? No thanks.

  • Whats the point?

    Why go to the trouble of trying to ban camera phones? If it harms you and your event experience when someone else is doing it, use what is called your voice box! Speak up and ask them if the mind putting it down for a while! And if they say no, you're at a loss. But there is no need to go to the hassle to try and deny people the right to video their favourite performers at a night thats probably cost them half a weeks work. Leave cell phones and concerts alone!

  • No, the money and effort involved with regulating this would be too expensive

    The idea that a touring musician or band would ban cell phones at this point is ridiculous. You could try to increase the cost of ticket prices in the name of adding more security to protect the artist from reduction in sales due to youtube videos, but it seems way easier to embrace the fact that every concert goer is an avenue to more people.

  • No cell phones and cameras should not be banned during concerts

    No, I think that cell phones and cameras should not be banned during concerts and that people who go to concerts have the right to capture the moment with their cell phones or cameras. Concerts are a lot of fun and can be very expensive, and those devices help people keep the memories going forever.

  • No, they should not take away cell phones.

    Cell phones and cameras should not be banned during concerts. There is no reason to take away a persons cell phone or camera during a concert. The concert is meant to be enjoyed and remembered, especially since they are so expensive. These people use the cameras to capture a good moment in life and then to relive it.

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michael65 says2015-03-22T01:33:10.973
Definitely turn the damn things off. Paid for VIP tickets for Kylie here in Brisbane last night and the "person" in front took immense offence at me asking her to minimise use to the point she actually tried to have me thrown out, and she then proceeded to film nearly the entire thing either on her little camcorder or her phone. Astoundingly ignorant and downright selfish. Even while Kylie was at the front of the stage, not 15 feet away, she obsessively took selfies. I guess it's up to the artist. The Eagles declared a no-phone policy, as did Kate Bush in London last year. What's worse is it mainly happens in the VIP section of concerts where of course the best seats are. I'll be rethinking Madonna, if she tours. Infuriating.