• Just Allow Them

    Students are going to use cell phones in school anyway, even if they are not allowed. Might as well allow cell phones so they're not trying to hide them during class and getting distracted, even more so than if they could just reply to a text and be done with.

  • Should cell phones be allowed at school!

    I think cell phones should be allowed at school because it is a very useful electronic to use at school and instead of writing the lesson you can just easily just record the lesson and it will help on math classes or ether study hall and if you are afraid of people cheating on test you can just easily just put on your desk until the test is over and before they ether start the test check them if they have a cell phone.

  • Technology is the future.

    Technology is the future of our society and world so not letting students bring phones to school doesn't make sense as technology is the future of the world and will always be with these students for ever and emergencies can happen and having a phone is a good tool to get help or contact your family.

  • We have other electronics anyway

    Instead of using computers and ipads you can bring your own device to save money it is way more effecient and helpful than it is if the school waste money on other electronics you can use anything. It waste less supplies and less money so schools can use it on other things.

  • Yes they should

    I think that they should be allowed in school because they can be used if you need to call their mom or dad if they need to come pick them up .Why are the teachers allowed to have cell phones in school and we are not .The teachers do not terner of there phones and can be loud when the phone has a call.

  • Emergercys can happen any time!!!

    Think about this u know bad kids and all ways doing what there not supposed to however if u let them on there phone on necessary times they will most likely use there opportunitys carefully and if u dont let them use the phone they will usually do it because they said no...

  • Phones will be with students for the rest of their lives.

    The fact is that mobile phones will be with us for the rest of our lives, so we need to develop good habits and self control with the uses of these devices. Taking them away from students will only make them want it more and they will not be able to control the usage and appropriate times of usage.

  • Yes and its time schools got with the times.

    People live and die by these devices because they are more than just a communications tool - they are planners, encyclopedias (by virtue of the Internet), sources of current events and information and a virtual plethora of labor and time savings modules wrapped up in one box.

    Schools need to get with the times and realize that in daily life, using a cell phone is going to be as much a necessity as balancing a checkbook (also done on a smart phone) or showing up to work on time every day.

    As an added benefit, these devices are essential in cases of emergency, you know, for when the next mentally unbalanced moron decides to take out his demons on the student body.

  • Should Cell Phones be Allowed at School?

    No cell phones should not be allowed for use in school let alone a test. As a student that attends a high school that prohibits cell phone use during class, I am aware of how its power is abused. Most students at best who decided they were to lazy to take notes typically take a quick picture but never study. In class most students when asked a trivial or "hard" question would often Google the answer instead of studying the day previously as required. Cell phone can be used to text secretly in the middle of a test or cheat with the internet. Cell phones are not educational tools for school and schools that prohibit cell phones (To an EXTENT) are not wrong. I believe if a student wants to be successful he/she should study or take physical notes in class rather than make an argument for a power they will abuse anyway.

  • No, cell phones should not be allowed in class or in school hallways.

    Cell phones are a big distraction nowadays with all of the social networking and texting. Plus, if students were able to use their cell phones in the classroom they would be at access of the internet so that they could cheat on their test. Students should focus more on learning than socializing.

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