• YAS it should

    I think cell phones should be aloud because some people need to use it for a calculator and some people might have a family tragedy going on. Not everyone uses it to text there boyfriend or girlfriend. They might use it for research and school related stuff. They need to let them.

  • Phones should be aloud in class

    Phones may be concidered a destraction but they can actually be very useful during class time. For example, if a student needs a dictionary but the teacher has none the student can then look it up on their phones for the definition of the anonimus word. Those are afew reasons I support kids should have phones in class.

  • Phones should be aloud in class

    Phones should be aloud in the classroom because if the teacher is speaking, you can record them and listen to whatever you were told again, also if you have a smart phone you can go onto the internet ant look up things that are class related and that help you. Although phones can be a distraction, the student should turn of his or her phone. Phones should be allowed in class because they can be a help for the student.

  • No, they are distracting.

    No, cell phones should not be allowed in class, because there is nothing so important that a teenager would need that they would need to be on a cell phone in the middle of English class. It is more important that students put their phones down and pay attention to what is happening in class.

  • I think not.

    In the few classes that I have had where teachers allow students to use their smart phones to look stuff up or to take notes, the students usually abuse the privilege. As it is most kids spend the time when they are bored to go on instagram or twitter, and all the other social media's that I think students would get to distracted or bored in class to get anything done and they would abuse it.

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